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Tag: choking child

Swallowed Objects Young

Published November 21, 2007        by Nicole

Young children like to examine just about everything with their mouths.  They can be perfectly fine playing with their baby teddy bear one minute and the next minute they've gotten themselves into trouble. This tendency can lead to problems-poisoning, choking, and swallowing dangerous objects. Objects placed in the mouth may find their way down one or two passageways.  If something starts to go down your child’s trachea [airway] toward the lungs, she will begin to choke and will need help immediately.  If the object starts to move down the esophagus [food tube] toward the stomach and gets stuck, she will probably not choke [unless the object is so large that it also presses against the trachea], but she will have problems swallowing.  She may drool because she can’t swallow her saliva.  Read more