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Tag: christmas beliefs

Christmas, St. Mary's Bay 1910

Published January 18, 2008        by Nicole

How our customs, our beliefs, our traditions (such as holiday gifts) have changed over the past seventy-five years! Take Christmas for example; recall the Christmas of 1910. You are a young lad of about seventeen years, living in a Newfoundland outport. Two or three days before Christmas Eve you get busy sawing up wood and piling it in the wood house so you'll have enough to do for the twelve days of Christmas. You know also that your brothers as well as your father have slaughtered a young calf and a sheep or two so you will have some fresh for the festive season. Your mother and older sisters have been busy for weeks now, washing down, putting up new curtains, preserving jams and other good things for the holidays. Mr. Nolan has made his last run to St. Peter's and every man-boy Read more