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Tag: christmas concert

The Christmas Concert

Published January 28, 2008        by Nicole

The day's work was over, the evening meal finished and the stove was filled to the top with green alders that would burn just fast enough to keep a resting man comfortable.  Uncle Bill lay on the outside edge of a bunk with his long rubbers under his head for a pillow and listened to the younger men and teenage boys haphazardly discussing the events of the day. The talk was of the number of sticks of wood cut and hauled, the condition of the snow-covered hauling roads, the rabbits that were caught in the snares tailed the day before as well as those that were smart enough to escape, and even the jays that had invaded the clearing where they boiled the kettle for their mid-day meal. The teenage boys forced to spend their holidays in this way did not object to this enforced labor for if Read more