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Tag: christmas crafts

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Published December 17, 2014        by Matt

 Christmas Crafts for KidsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Christmas Crafts For Kids Christmas time is a joyful time for everyone. The kids especially. Unfortunately, the kids can get bored while out of school for Christmas vacation. These fun and entertaining Christmas crafts for kids will keep the both busy and entertained. Here you will find several easy Christmas crafts for kids of all ages. Santa crafts, reindeer crafts, snowman crafts and many more! These Christmas crafts are sure to be just what you need to keep the kids entertained! They can give their ultra cool creations to family and friends or take them to school to give as teacher appreciation or kids Christmas gifts. Santa Christmas Crafts for Kids Santa Read more

A Homestead Christmas

Published November 01, 2007        by Nicole

Christmas was a jolly time that year. We had spruce boughs, brought from the Sand hills, across the doors and windows, and streamers of red tissue paper and red and green balls, made from tissue cut in circles, folded and sewed together. Mrs. Lundy had showed Hannah how to make these, when Hannah had stayed with her in the summer holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Lundy had a gift basket and craft store about a mile east of Millford. I remember particularly the dessert apple-jelly tarts that we had at Christmas and how delicious they were. The apple-jelly was bright red in color, for snow apples were now sold in Mr. Lundy's store and mother had used only the parings and cores for the jelly, and the other part was made into apple sauce. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burnett, Nina and Frankie, were our guests that Read more