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Uncle Joe Burton's Strange Christmas Box

Published January 01, 2008        by Nicole

It was Christmas Eve, and outside Uncle Joe Burton's cottage, wild and stormy enough. A strong breeze from the north-west had been blowing since noon, with frequent showers of snow, and, as the day advanced, the wind had come more from the north and freshened to a gale. Great gusts ever and anon sent blinding drifts of snow swirling over the roads, piling them high against the picket fences, and wreathing quaint, curling masses over the firewood piles resting against the house. The windows rattled in their casements, and puffs of smoke poured frequently down the chimney, which roared and groaned like some huge animal in mortal pain. It was a gloomy scene, indeed that Mrs. Burton looked out upon, as she went to the windows to draw down the blinds. The short evening was darkening rapidly over Read more