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Tag: christmas traditions

Family Christmas Traditions

Published December 03, 2014        by Matt

 Family Christmas TraditionsThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Christmas is synonymous with family so as you all gather together this holiday season consider these great annual tradition ideas for your family. If you don't have traditions in your family, there is no time like the present to get started making lasting memories. Creating annual family Christmas gift traditions and fun activities are especially important for families with young children. It will give them something to look forward to from year to year and will create memories that they will truly cherish as adults. Some day they'll pass these same joyous traditions on to their children. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Read more

Tips for Taking Great Holiday Photographs

Published October 31, 2011        by Nicole

 Tips for Taking Great Holiday PhotographsNow that the digital age is upon us, most people have become shutterbugs. It’s so much fun to click and share your photos right away. If you’ve just purchased or received a digital camera or you want to know how to get professional-looking holiday photographs this season, read on. Family photo greeting cards make great inexpensive holiday gifts. If you’re planning on taking a holiday Christmas card photo of the kids this year, plan early. Yes, you’ll have to buy their Christmas outfits ahead of time, but it will be worth it. No later than November, have your children dress in their holiday finery. Make sure you choose a time for your photo shoot that works for small children. If it’s just before nap time, you’re not going to get the best shots. Pick a time, like after lunch, when Read more

Was Christmas Ever "What it used to be"?

Published February 07, 2008        by Nicole

"Christmas is not what it used to be," we wail. "It's just a commercial farce. Just matters of get, get, get and buy, buy, buy, and the more money you spend the better. Christmas has been commercialized beyond repair. Ah, for the good old days." I wonder if Christmas was ever "what it used to be". Don't we all think of the good things that happened to us in childhood as the absolute ultimate in happiness? And won't our own children, in ten, twenty, thirty years time, look back on the Christmases of the swinging sixties and moan that Christmas is just not what it used to be? Children, after all, are the lucky ones. It's not their worry if we get all our cakes baked in time, polish off our housecleaning and complete our gift list. They just know that, come Christmas Eve, a kind of magic Read more

An Old Fashioned St. John's Christmas

Published January 30, 2008        by Nicole

Long, long ago when I was a young boy who lived in St. John's, and to whom every other place in the world was referred to simply as "away", there was always snow for Christmas. Old men lounging on the Mill Bridge would sniff the damp winds of late November and agree confidently, "This year it will be a green Christmas for sure." But they were always wrong. Some morning in December when we youngsters were feeling the first vague stirrings of Christmas excitement, we would awaken under our mountain of soft multi-colored homemade quilts to find the bedroom window delicately laced with frost. "It's started!" This to my younger brother with whom I slept heads and tails. We bounded from bed, oblivious of the cold that had penetrated every cranny of the gabled upstairs while we slept, and placing Read more

The Christmas Concert

Published January 28, 2008        by Nicole

The day's work was over, the evening meal finished and the stove was filled to the top with green alders that would burn just fast enough to keep a resting man comfortable.  Uncle Bill lay on the outside edge of a bunk with his long rubbers under his head for a pillow and listened to the younger men and teenage boys haphazardly discussing the events of the day. The talk was of the number of sticks of wood cut and hauled, the condition of the snow-covered hauling roads, the rabbits that were caught in the snares tailed the day before as well as those that were smart enough to escape, and even the jays that had invaded the clearing where they boiled the kettle for their mid-day meal. The teenage boys forced to spend their holidays in this way did not object to this enforced labor for if Read more