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Tag: clever baby shower games

Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Published November 13, 2015        by Matt

 Creative and Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas Get Crazy, Have Fun What's more fun than making a fool out of yourself at a baby shower? Baby shower games are designed to get everyone up, involved, and having fun. The sillier the games, the better! No one expects to maintain their decorum when baby shower games start. So have a little fun, and get a little crazy with these baby shower games and show your guests a great time! Image by Pedro Rivas Ugaz on Flickr Baby Charades Act it out Start with a good game of baby charades. Make a set of cards ahead of time with baby-themed things to act out. You could write drinking a bottle, diapering a baby, giving birth, etc. on cards. Image by jaybergesen on Flickr Divide the group into two teams and have them battle it out. Another fun version is to Read more