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Tag: cloth diaper guide

How to Use Cloth Diapers

Published January 17, 2012        by Sarah

 How to Use Cloth DiapersEvery parent wants the best for their baby, and for many, that means opting to use cloth diapers.  Why?  What are the benefits?  One of the biggest is expense: a typical family will save over $2,600 by using cloth over disposable. Many times, family members or friends will sneak cloth diapers into diaper cakes or diaper bags because they're firm believers and it's no wonder why! The benefits for your child are equally important to saving money: cloth diapered babies tend to have less diaper rash and skin irritation and they will probably be potty-trained before their disposable diaper-wearing peers. If you are hesitant to use cloth because you fear sticking your baby in the hip with a big diaper pin or you wonder if you'll be able to wrap them correctly in order to prevent leakage, Read more