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Tag: conception

How Conception Occurs

Published October 18, 2007        by Nicole

Okay – we aren’t overly stupid adults… we do know how conception occurs, we know the birth is followed by mommy gifts, but some of the finer points of getting pregnant might just surprise you. Human conception is a miraculous and complex event. It is perhaps more surprising that pregnancy occurs so often than that it fails sometimes. A human egg is released every month from a woman's ovary under the influence of a complex cycle of hormones. The hormones are released by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, located in the brain. The egg is swept into the fallopian tubes by delicate projections (called the fimbria) at the end of the tubes, where it is normally fertilized by the man's sperm. The fertilized egg then moves down the tube and, helped along by the tiny hair-like cilia Read more