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Tag: Cookie Diet

The Hollywood Cookie Diet

Published October 28, 2010        by Rae Ann

 The Hollywood Cookie DietAmericans are notoriously overweight. We are the most obese nation, sadly. And so, diets hit the market all the time promising instant success, amazing weight loss, and future happiness in your new, skinny body. Always hoping, people flock to diets that center on one food as their miracle cure (remember the grapefruit diet?). Think you’ve heard of every diet out there? Think again. The Hollywood Cookie Diet has come on the scene. Since 2006, dieters have been offered a simple solution to their weight loss needs. Just eat cookies! Does it work? How do you do it? The Hollywood Cookie Diet is centered around the principal that if diets leave you too hungry, you’re going to slip up. You’re going to want to eat everything in the refrigerator. So, the Hollywood Cookie is designed to fill you Read more