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Cookies - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Published May 06, 2013        by Sarah

What do you get for the one who has everything?  How do you congratulate someone on a promotion or new baby?  What’s the best way to express condolences or other feelings that are hard to speak with words?  How do you say “Thanks for being a friend,” or “I’m sorry,” or anything else?  The answer: cookies. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, even giving thinking of you cookies when there is no special occasion is a great idea. Why are cookies so great?  They are versatile: you can bake hundreds of varieties or make up your own. You can decorate them or leave them plain. You can drop them or cut them.  You can make bouquets or put them on a plate and try to resist them until they cool down.  There are cookies for low-fat diets, organic diets, vegan diets, and chocolate-is-good-occasionally Read more

Affordable Christmas Gifts Homebaked Cookie Baskets or Tins

Published November 14, 2011        by Nicole

Nothing is sweeter or more welcomed than a batch or two of homemade cookies. They’re delicious any time of year but they make the perfect Christmas gift. If you start early, you can get everything done well before Christmas Eve. Here are some tips on how to make sweet Christmas cookie gifts. First, select pretty baskets or tins in which you will place your cookies. This is the most crucial step as presentation is key. The more unique and upscale your container, the more wonderful your gift will look. Get creative. You can find small picnic type baskets, baskets with pretty ceramic side handles, antique cookie tins, festive new glass boxes or plastic tins. If it can hold a cookie, it will work. A good place to look is at craft stores where they have everything. You can even stack your cookies Read more

How to Make Cookie Wedding Favors

Published October 31, 2011        by Nicole

Cookies are welcome at any party. Everyone loves getting and eating cookies. If you want to include cookies in your wedding, why not make them as favors? With a little ingenuity and a little practice, you can make really fun and adorable wedding cookies. Start with a really good recipe for sugar cookies. Don’t even consider store bought as they won’t taste or look good in the end. Then, decide on a cookie shape. You can choose a cookie cutter that looks like a wedding cake, a heart, a flower, a shoe, or even just an elegant square or oval. Use a big enough cookie cutter so that you get a nice sized cookie out of it that will take decorations well. Each cookie will need to be hand decorated. You can easily make royal icing or use fondant to create a surface layer for your embellished designs. Read more

The History of Cookies

Published October 21, 2010        by Rae Ann

The world has long had a love affair with their cookies. In any American supermarket, you can  walk down the cookie aisle and be bombarded with multi-color packages tempting you to try them. There are hundreds of choices in everything from super sweet to biscuit to fruit filled. Believe it or not, what is now known as the beloved cookie once started out as a humble tester cake. Sugar was beginning to be cultivated way back in the days of the Persian empire. Royal bakers began to test out different cake recipes. The problem was, there were no temperature regulators on the ovens they used. They were brick and clay fire pits, essentially, and the cook could not be certain how hot the oven was or when it was ready. So when it came time to cook the cakes for the royals, bakers had to find Read more

No Bake Cookie Recipe Ideas

Published October 13, 2010        by Rae Ann

Sometimes you feel like having homemade cookies, but it’s just too hot to turn the oven on. Or maybe you want a quick and easy treat to make for a bake sale or after school snack. No Bake cookies are the perfect thing when you’re short on time but still want something that tastes like you made it from scratch. Another great thing about No Bake cookies is that the kids can join in the fun. Since there’s nothing to bake or cook, you can supervise children as they create delicious cookies. If there are any steps that require melting butter or other ingredients, you can assist, but other than that, kids can feel really successful that they’ve accomplished something wonderful in the kitchen.  Cookie gifts are also a great gift for kids to give to grandparents, teachers, etc. So, Read more