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Tag: cookies and milk origin

Milk and Cookies: The Old Age Combination

Published April 01, 2013        by Sarah

 Milk and Cookies: The Old Age CombinationThere are few things quite as delicious as a glass of ice-cold milk with an oven-fresh cookie. Have you ever taken the time to wonder, though, why this amazing combination works so well together? The American Tradition First, it’s important to note that milk with cookies is a uniquely American tradition. While other countries around the world may well have made themselves famous for this type of cookie or that one, very few of them actually enjoy milk and cookies together. In fact, most other countries look upon milk as a drink for children. Few countries outside the US even use milk in their coffee except in the morning, so a tall glass of milk with those cookies would be out of the question in many different areas of the world. That fact, though, does little to answer the question of why Read more