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Tag: corporate gift etiquette

Corporate Christmas Gift Etiquette

Published November 26, 2014        by Matt

Gift giving during the holidays has become a tradition in the business world. A well thought out and impressive gift can strengthen your business relationship, share your holiday cheer, and have a positive effect on your overall business. The reverse is true as well. Handled inappropriately, a good intention can have a detrimental effect on your business. We've written this article to help corporate businesses avoid the pitfalls associated with holiday gift-giving with tips on choosing the most appropriate and impressive Christmas gifts. Follow Your Company & Client Gift-Giving Policies Today, many companies have stringent policies regarding giving and accepting gifts from associates. Limits on the monetary value of gifts that can be given or received Read more

Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees

Published August 08, 2012        by Sarah

Taking time to thank the people who make your business a success – the employees – does wonders for morale.  When people feel like their work matters, that it is valued and appreciated, it spurs them to work harder or more productively in the future. It makes the daily grind of waking up, commuting to work, and putting in a full day much more rewarding and engaging if you know you are doing it for a larger purpose – and that larger purpose appreciates you!  Most employees don’t want to feel like just a cog in the wheel; they want to feel like a valued individual.  Corporate gifts can be just the solution. Or they could contribute to the problem!  There are some cases in which corporate gifts actually backfire. Beware giving gifts that are: Too personal.  No one wants their Read more