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Tag: counting down to christmas with kids

Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

Published December 16, 2015        by Matt

 Get the Kids Involved in Counting Down the Days Until Christmas Welcome To My Holiday Gift Guide! Children get so excited about Christmas that they're just about ready to burst with joy. Sometimes you need to channel that enthusiasm into something useful so that you all make it through the weeks leading up to Christmas with your sanity intact. Why not get the kids involved in counting down the days until Christmas? That way they'll be in the know as to just when Santa is coming (and they can stop asking you ten times a day!). Advent Calendar A Surprise a Day Keeps the Frenzy Away One fun way to involve the kids is to make an advent calendar. These are calendars with doors for each day until Christmas. Little holiday cookies are waiting behind each one. You can purchase these from stores or online. Choose one that has fun things behind Read more