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Tag: decorating cookies with royal icing

Tips For Decorating Cookies With Royal Icing

Published June 04, 2012        by Sarah

 Tips For Decorating Cookies With Royal IcingIf you are a fan of gingerbread men and sugar cookies, you have probably encountered the very versatile royal icing many, many times.  It is an important building block for bakers, and it can help you achieve a polished, professional, elegant look for your iced cookies.  Royal icing can be intimidating; people are often hesitant to try it because it hardens so quickly, needs to be just the right consistency, and they fear it will lead to a big mess in the kitchen.  It doesn't have to!  Here are some helpful tips for decorating cookies with royal icing. 1. The recipe. It all begins here.  A good recipe makes working with royal icing much more manageable.  Most recipes are for edible icing, but you can find inedible icing, which is great if you are making a gingerbread house for Read more