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Tag: decorating cookies

Decorate Cookies with Food Coloring Pens

Published December 04, 2012        by Sarah

 Decorate Cookies with Food Coloring Pens Why have plain, boring cookies?  The most fun of baked goods, cookies beg for an infusion of excitement. Give them sprinkles, play with luster dust, experiment with royal icing and fondant.  There is no end to the imaginative treats you can create.  Food coloring pens allow you to add small details and write on cookies with ease.  Whether you want to create an elaborate picture or just write a message to your kids or loved ones, you will find these to be a must-have for your next baking day and for some deliciously decorated sugar cookies. The Magic of Food Coloring Pens Food coloring, or edible, pens look just like regular markers or pens. The difference is, of course, they are used on food and are perfectly safe to eat.  They do not change the taste of your cookie – but they Read more

Using Sanding Sugar To Decorate Cookies

Published April 02, 2012        by Sarah

 Using Sanding Sugar To Decorate CookiesJust when you thought cookies could not get any more delightful or delicious, along comes sanding sugar.  This colorful sugar gives cookies, cakes, and other baked goods a lovely sparkle that is perfect for any occasion or holiday.  It can be used to provide all-over color or to emphasize borders or other embellishments.  Here are some tips for using sanding sugar to decorate cookies.  Be warned, though: the cookies will disappear faster than usual. What is Sanding Sugar? As any baker knows, sugar is not just sugar.  We have table sugar, confectioners' sugar, brown sugar, coarse sugar, sugar in the raw, sugar substitutes...but sanding sugar is a bit different.  The “grains” are a little larger than those of regular table sugar.  The reason why it is ideal when making decorated Read more