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Tag: delivery room

Difficult Labors

Published March 28, 2008        by Nicole

Taking a step aside to the normal baby talk of baby receiving blankets and toys, let's talk about the chance of having a difficult delivery. Normally the baby is born with the head down, facing backwards, so the widest part of the baby’s head passes through the widest part of the pelvis. The baby’s head pressing down on the cervix helps it dilate, and the baby rotates as it is born, helping the body slip out behind the head. Some babies, however, are born in a different position. This normally causes problems in labor. A posterior presentation means that the baby faces forward; its spine can press against the mother’s as it moves down, causing her pain and slowing labor. And because the widest part of the baby’s head is passing through the narrowest part of the pelvis, the baby can Read more