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Tag: dental work cost

Dental Work

Published June 26, 2007        by Matt

We're just back from the dentist, whom I suppose I should now refer to as the orthodontist. It's ordinarily a pleasant enough place where they go out of the way to make the children comfortable and happy, and neither of my kids ever gives me any trouble about going. That's a good thing, I suppose, since it looks like we'll be going more often. The orthodontist suggested, if I've gotten this straight: overtime and/or a second job; instant liquidation of any paper assets; a second mortgage; high-interest, unsecured loans; and begging on the streets when family is fully tapped and declines any further pleading. Oh, and at least a weekend in Vegas with a lucky rabbit's foot. If all of that goes smoothly, my son will have a winning smile, she said. She also, I'm sure, told us all she would actually Read more