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Tag: developing baby

Special Senses of the Newborn

Published January 01, 2008        by Nicole

Your new baby is constantly receiving and responding to stimuli in his environment.By his seventh month in the womb, all of his senses were developed.As a newborn, he can already hear, see, feel, taste, and smell.Some of these senses need time to fully mature.Yet, from birth, he is ready to learn about his new world and everything in it. Failure to stimulate his senses can have disastrous effects on his growth and development.Happily, you, as loving parents, will know how to provide just the right kind of sensory input for your baby. Touch One of the most important ways of communicating with your baby is touch.Babies enjoy gentle handling and rhythmic motion.While inside the womb, your baby became accustomed to being rocked by your movements.After birth, that same swaying motion comforts Read more