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Dispelling Myths about Child Giftedness

Published February 07, 2008        by Kim

Myths about giftedness permeate our culture. The prevalence of these myths can result in a variety of problems for you as the parent of a gifted child and for your child. Among the most common myths are the following; "Every child is gifted" "Gifted children are easy to raise" "Gifted children are nerds and geeks" "Gifted children are strangely manipulative and grow up to be white-collar criminals" "Gifted children are so intensely emotional that they cannot exist in the real world. Often they commit suicide because they feel so tortured" Society flourishes and moves forward because of individuals who have a vision, genius, or talent that enhances or improves our understanding of ourselves and of the world. To create a context where this can happen, it is imperative that talent, Read more