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Tag: diaper cake contest

Diaper Cake Giveaway ($120 Value!)

Published April 15, 2013        by Kim

 Diaper Cake Giveaway ($120 Value!)This giveaway towers above all the rest! Win a Baby Diaper Cake (up to a $120 value) from Baby Gifts & Baskets in our latest giveaway! Because this gift is created from one, two or three "cake" layers of diapers, you can be sure that the proud parents will be able to use every part of this thoughtful creation! Not only does a Diaper Cake make a great gift for expecting parents, they also look amazing as the baby shower centerpiece! Place the diaper cake on the main table and surround it with your baby shower cupcakes to delight your guests.  Once the shower is over, the mom-to-be will get the fun of exploring every layer and the treasures they hold. Puppies, Elephants and Teddy Bears - Oh My! Those are just a few of the cheerful characters you'll find adorning our Diaper Cakes.  Read more