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Tag: diaper rash

Baby Diaper Rash

Published December 04, 2007        by Nicole

Diaper rash is the most common infant skin problem.  The rash, usually confined to the diaper area, is caused moisture, urine, stool, or irritating chemicals, usually from the diaper.  If not treated promptly and appropriately, bacteria or yeast may invade the area and start an infection. Simple diaper rashes are red, slightly rough, and scaly.  They usually only involve the area covered by the diaper. The skin may be irritated by chemicals in those disposable diapers that came in your lovely diaper cake or in the detergent used to launder cloth diapers.  Plastic or rubber pants worn over the cloth diapers sometimes affect the skin [and always hold the moisture in against the skin]. If your baby stays in wet diapers too long, microorganisms and moisture can irritate his sensitive Read more