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Tag: disposable diapers

The Diaper Debate - Cloth or Disposable?

Published July 31, 2010        by Kim

 The Diaper Debate   Cloth or Disposable? The debate has long raged on between families who use cloth diapers versus families who use disposable diapers. Both sides have a good argument. Before you decide which you’ll use, check out some of the features and benefits of both. Cloth Diapers When you choose cloth diapers, first and foremost you are helping the environment because you are creating less waste that will sit in landfills. You are also using fewer diapers, as cloth diapers are washable and reusable. You can toss them in the washing machine, or you can hire a diaper service. With cloth diapers, there’s no chemical or manufacturing process that could harm the environment. The cloth is a natural cotton fiber that is wonderfully soft against baby’s delicate skin. You can also reuse them later as rags for washing Read more