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Tag: diy cookies and cream ice cream

How To Make Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Published January 04, 2012        by Sarah

 How To Make Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Photo Credit: Cookies n' Creme by Brian Dickman, on Flickr If you are in love with the taste of cookies and cream, you will love how easy it is to make your own cookies and cream ice cream. Ice cream makers have come down in price. They are no longer the big, bulky things that once required hand cranking and rock salt. Today’s ice cream makers are sleek and easy to operate. Plus, once you freeze the bowl, the ice cream is ready to go in no time at all. Here’s a recipe for cookies and cream ice cream using any ice cream maker you have. It’s a simple combination of wholesome milk and cream. You can also change out the sugar for a substitute like Splenda and it will still taste as good. Don’t skimp on the cookies. Your best bet is to use real Oreos. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream From Read more