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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Published January 31, 2012        by Sarah

 Best Dog Breeds for KidsIf you had a beloved dog growing up, chances are that you want your own child to experience the love, joy, and fun of having a furry companion.  Pets are more than animals that your parents may have given you in a little pet gift basket when you were little; they are treasured members of the family – that is, they can be if you choose the right one!  Bringing a dog into your home requires more than an impulse trip to the pet shop.  You have to think about the needs of your family, as well as the needs of the dog.  One of the most important considerations is breed.  Here is a look at some of the best breeds for kids and families. Bulldogs. Believe it or not, these are ideal pets for kids.  Their short, sturdy build makes them a terrific match for any toddler who loves to climb, push, Read more