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Popular Coffee Houses in the U.S.

Published January 24, 2012        by Sarah

If you drink coffee, you’ve probably got a favorite kind, way to drink it, and cup to drink it in. And you probably have a penchant for a certain coffee house, with their particular blends, drinks, mugs, atmosphere or even their coffee gift baskets! There are so many coffee shops in the U.S. but coffee drinkers are usually loyal to just a few. Depending on where you live, you may prefer a local coffee shop near your house where you know everyone seated around you or you may choose to frequent a larger chain that allows you to be a silent visitor in the crowd. Some of the most popular coffee houses in the U.S. are known for their ambiance, their free Wi-Fi, and their especially delicious coffee. You can go and sit for the price of a cup of coffee for the whole day if you like. Starbucks Read more