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Tag: easter bunny

The Origin of the Easter Bunny

Published March 06, 2014        by Rae Ann

 The Origin of the Easter Bunny While Easter has always been an intensely religious holiday, many of the celebrations that surround the holiday in today’s society are far more secular than religious. The brightly colored eggs, the bunny who hides them, and even the Easter baskets themselves have very little to do with the religious portion of the ceremony. Wondering how a big bunny fits into this holy day on the Christian calendar? The origins actually date back to Germany in the 1500s. Pre-Christian Germany Spring was long known as the season of rebirth, and one of the most fertile symbols of the season was a rabbit. It’s been said that one of Germany’s pagan goddesses named Ostara used the rabbit as a symbol. The story goes that she would turn birds into a rabbit to entertain the children. The rabbit would Read more

Hippity Hoppity Easter

Published October 22, 2007        by Nicole

The doldrums of winter are almost behind us, the days are growing longer and spring is in the air. Spring, a renewal and rebirth of life, is showing signs of being close at hand. It is such a lovely time of year! The days are growing longer, nature is in full bloom, and spring fever is in the air. With spring arrives a special Holiday and a special friend, the Easter Bunny. Children everywhere are not only looking forward to spring vacation and a long-awaited break from school schedules, but to the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the treats that are left for them on Easter morning. My daughter, who is 3, has grasped the concept of Santa Claus, however, she hasn't learned about the Easter Bunny yet. But it won't be long! My almost 2-year old son doesn't know either but I presume it will Read more

Why the Easter Bunny?

Published August 17, 2007        by Nicole

Have you ever wondered how the rabbit was associated with Easter? Next to Santa Claus, the second most popular figure adored by children is the Easter Bunny, another of childhood's greatest pleasures. But why an "Easter Bunny?" Although the Easter Bunny is a major symbol used in advertising Easter, the Easter Bunny is certainly not a modern invention of commercialization. Historically, the rabbit, hare, and eggs in folklore have their basis as pagan fertility symbols, signifying spring and new life, and the worship of the goddess Oestre or Eastre. Easter is named for a Saxon goddess who was known by the names of Oestre or Eastre, and in Germany by the name of Ostara. She was believed to be the goddess of the dawn and the spring, and a fertility goddess. The Goddess Ostara, it is Read more

Australian Easter Bilby – Goodbye Bunny

Published July 09, 2007        by Nicole

In the United States and many other countries throughout the world, the bunny has become the major non-religious symbol of the Easter holiday. Jumping along with his Easter basket full of brightly colored eggs, chocolate and candy, the Easter bunny makes girls and boys across America jump for joy. Unfortunately, the joy over the bunny has been literally destroyed in the land down under. So there is a movement in Australian society to replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby. Back in 1859, a hunter with one of his great ideas released twenty four exotic rabbits in Australia. Keeping in mind that the rabbit is not native to Australia, one can understand why the population of rabbits has literally exploded causing vegetation and food shortages for indigenous Australian species. Australia Read more