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Tag: easy cookie recipes

No Bake Cookie Recipe Ideas

Published October 13, 2010        by Rae Ann

 No Bake Cookie Recipe Ideas Sometimes you feel like having homemade cookies, but it’s just too hot to turn the oven on. Or maybe you want a quick and easy treat to make for a bake sale or after school snack. No Bake cookies are the perfect thing when you’re short on time but still want something that tastes like you made it from scratch. Another great thing about No Bake cookies is that the kids can join in the fun. Since there’s nothing to bake or cook, you can supervise children as they create delicious cookies. If there are any steps that require melting butter or other ingredients, you can assist, but other than that, kids can feel really successful that they’ve accomplished something wonderful in the kitchen.  Cookie gifts are also a great gift for kids to give to grandparents, teachers, etc. So, Read more