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Tag: Eleusinian

Mid-September Eleusinian Mysteries

Published October 23, 2007        by Nicole

The Eleusinian Mysteries were open to all persons who spoke Greek and had not committed murder. The goddesses welcomed men and women, slave or free. The one requirement that may have prohibited participation was the fee of 15 drachmas, equivalent to about ten days' workman's wages by the fourth century B.C.E. The Greater Eleusinian Rites began in the last half of September and lasted about ten days. Day 1: Young men chosen for their physical dexterity and athleticism left Athens for the town of Eleusis to escort the sacred objects back to Athens on the following day. Day 3: Thousands of men and women gathered in the grand Agora of Athens to declare themselves participants and hear the high priest state the rules. Day 4: The initiates marched to the sea to purify themselves in the briny Read more