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Tag: end human pain

Ending Human Pain and Suffering

Published December 10, 2007        by Nicole

In I968, Gallup pollsters first asked Canadians the following question: When a person has an incurable disease that causes great suffering, do you think that competent doctors should be allowed by law to end the patient's life, if the patient has made a formal request in writing? Back then, less than half of those Canadians polled answered yes. But it was never to be so low again. Over the last twenty-five years the percentage in favor has climbed up and up - so much so that by 1992, when Sue Rodriguez came on the scene, a full 78 per cent of Canadians felt she should legally be able to have a doctor help her die. The Canadian population is hardly unique. The U.S.A., Britain, New Zealand and Australia all show the same upward trend in public opinion over the same period of time. The Read more