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Tag: exhausted mom

Very, Very Tired Mother

Published October 17, 2007        by Nicole

Exhaustion is one of the main complaints of older parents, who simply do not have the resilience of a young person. Linda, 40, a former magazine editor, said, "I do not think women in their forties realize the physical toll. I felt absolutely exhausted." One woman, who had sons at the age of 42 and 45, said, "I can't pretend there haven't been times when I've cried from one end of the weekend to the other out of sheer exhaustion." Some recent research has shown that older men and women are less able to cope with sleep deprivation and disruption than younger people. After the age of 40 in particular, the amount of time spent in deep sleep decreases. There are more awakenings at night and sleep itself becomes lighter. As people get older they tend to lose the ability to fall asleep quickly, Read more