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Tag: fall rituals

Ancient Rituals of September

Published September 18, 2007        by Nicole

Ancient farmers were advised to paint the wine jars with pitch, pick apples, and loosen the soil around the roots of the trees. At the equinox, the farmers were to cut straw, harrow the ploughed land, and gather in fodder.  September, when the summer growing season is over and the gift of fall harvest nears completion, is a month of endings. Although many days remain sunny and warm, the intense heat of summer is past and the first cooler days appear, as the sun continues its six-month journey toward the winter solstice and the hours of light are noticeably shorter approaching the equinox. A few leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, harbingers of the glorious, but so brief, display of nature's magnificent color before the dull tones of late fall and winter set in. In the Roman rustic Read more