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Tag: falling in love

In the Fall of Our Lives

Published November 29, 2007        by Nicole

We take our usual walk this morning, although when I wake up I don't want to move. The dry desert winds stir up my allergies and I feel listless, out of sorts. Staring at my red-rimmed eyes and dry, grooved face as I brush my teeth doesn't help the mood. My hair, standing on end, refuses to be brushed into obedience. It falls amiss despire my silver hair clip, a favorite of my wedding hair accessories that I've held onto since that day. Worse, my knees hurt. I feel like the Tin Woodman in The Wizard of Oz that needed a shot of lubricating oil to get going. The connection of knees - father in wheelchair flashes unhappily in my mind. This was how he lost his independence. He couldn't rely on his knees to walk or drive safely. "I'm not my father," I say to myself firmly. And more softly, Read more