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Tag: false wives tales

Old Wives' Tales for Babies: What's True and What's Not?

Published September 12, 2012        by Sarah

There are remarkable transformations that take place when you are expecting a child; one of the most marked, especially as your belly grows, is the need that people feel to share their “wisdom.”  Besides your family and friends, people in stores, people you’ve never met before, complete strangers who pass you on the street, suddenly have all this advice to give out!  You will hear more old wives’ tales than you ever knew existed: do you have heartburn? Oh, your baby is going to have lots of hair!  You’re carrying high; you’re going to have a boy!  Where do these “truisms” come from?  What’s true and what’s not? Like any wives’ tale, there is often a basis in truth – sort of!  One “myth,” for instance, says that pregnant women should not take baths.  Oh Read more