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Tag: finding a stroller

Tips for Finding the Best Stroller for Twins

Published August 10, 2010        by Sarah

 Tips for Finding the Best Stroller for Twins If a friend or family member is having twins, you can do her a favor and purchase her a double stroller. They are also great for a newborn and a toddler or two older siblings. Relatively new on the scene, and much less expensive than in the past, the double stroller is a modern convenience no mom wants or needs to be without. If you know the mom well, ask her if she’d mind a second-hand stroller. If she’s open to it, you’ve just made your job of finding the perfect double stroller a lot easier (Great if you’re purchasing it for yourself, too!)  Second-hand and consignment shops offer a tremendous selection of double strollers for a twin baby gift. Most resale shops will not take a stroller into their store unless it is in pristine condition. They want to sell it, right? If you Read more