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Isis, Mistress of the House of Life

Published November 02, 2007        by Nicole

I, the natural mother of all life, the mistress of the elements, the first child of time, the supreme divinity, the queen of those in hell, the first among those in heaven, the uniform manifestation of all the gods and goddesses- I, who govern by my nod the crests of light in the sky, the purifying wafts of the ocean, and the lamentable silences of hell- I, whose single godhead is venerated all over the earth under manifold forms, varying rites, and changing names. Isis and Isia Since the worship of Isis was another mystery religion, very little is known of the events of the Isia. The procession to her shrine, however, was a mesmerizing event. The parade began with men and women dressed "as their votive fancy desired" leading the way. A chorus of women followed wearing only white and Read more