Well-Baby Examination

by Nicole April 2, 2008

Your doctor’s well-baby examination consists of many different parts, each designed to help her find certain information. You may have to watch closely to see [...]

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An Exciting Escape

by Nicole January 21, 2008

Back in his palace at Jerusalem the cruel King Herod waited. Every day he looked for the three wise men to return from Bethlehem. "They will find [...]

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Trip to Bethlehem

by Nicole January 3, 2008

One day a messenger from the Governor went up and down the streets of Galilee.  "Listen, everybody," he called. "It is time to pay your [...]

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Isis and Osiris

by Nicole November 7, 2007

Geb, the Great God of Earth, and Nut, the Supreme Goddess of the Sky, produced their first offspring, Isis and Osiris, who, while still in [...]