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Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

Published April 24, 2015        by Matt

Teddy Bear Baby Shower
Image by dixieroadrash on Flickr

Plan A Baby Shower Around Teddy Bears!

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

Incorporate one of America's most beloved toys, the teddy bear, into your baby shower theme! Children and babies form a special bond with these cuddly little creatures that they seem to tote around everywhere with them. The great thing about a teddy bear shower theme is that is completely appropriate for a boy or a girl.

In this post, I give you tips and ideas for incorporating teddy bears into the baby shower invitations, party favors, gifts, decorations and even the postage stamps! Your guests will be 'beary' glad that they have such a creative hostess.

Teddy Bear Themed Invitations

For the baby shower invitations, you have several options including buying fully customized invites or making the invitations yourself.

If you are on a tight budget, consider printable baby shower invitations that you can download and print. You can get the template by clicking here. After printing, you simply fill-in all the shower details and mail them or hand them out to your guests.

Teddy Bear Invitations
Image by Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Another option is to make a teddy bear out of foam or construction paper. There are so many great themed papers and scrapbooking supplies available that you can also make cards from cardstock and then dress them up with teddy-bear themed stickers, paper, cut-out, glitter, etc. Then just add a clever bear-themed verse such as, "We would be beary glad if you could join us for a beary delightful celebration of the new honey arriving to (father) and (mother)."

Verse source: Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Teddy Bear Shower Decorations

One fun idea for a teddy bear themed shower is to make guests feel like they are entering a bear den. On the sidewalk leading up to the front door for the party, make some paw prints out of chalk or washable paint. You can buy large bear print stencils at craft stores like Michaels. Then have a personalized baby shower banner printed or make your own banner that says something about 'Welcome to Mama Bear [mommy's name] Den'.

Bears and bees and honey all go together so use these items as inspiration for the shower decorations. You can find bee-shaped mylar balloons at your local party supply shop or online. Decorate some terra cotta pots to look like honey pots by painting them with brown paint and then use yellow like honey-overflowing around the pots edge. Buy some fuzzy bumble bees for decorating or make your own from construction paper to hang on streamers from the ceiling. You can place stuffed plush baby teddy bears throughout the shower area too.

For the tabletop area, consider buying teddy bear themed plates and napkins. And don't forget a baby diaper cake topped with a teddy bear to use as the shower centerpiece as well as your gift to the mom-to-be.

Teddy Bear Shower Food Ideas

No teddy bear themed shower would be complete without some honey! So make honey a central theme of your shower by making main dishes like honey chicken wings, honey glazed carrots, sticky honey buns and other honey-themed recipes.

Bears like berries too so for the punch freeze some raspberries to act as the ice cubes to keep the punch cold. Opt for a berry-flavored punch and then right before the party, float the frozen raspberries in the punch.

You can make many different foods bear-themed by using a bear-shaped cookie cutter to cut-out sandwiches, cheese slices, jello and cut-out cookies. Be sure to set out some bowls of gummy bears, honey roasted peanuts, honeycomb cereal, and teddy grahams for party snacks.

And last, but definitely not least, create a fun baby shower cake or set of cupcakes with a bear theme! Check out the great ideas from Wilson below.

Teddy Bear Shower Cakes

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Images by

The teddy bear themed cakes and cupcakes shown above were put together by the team at Wilton. You can get step by step Baby Bear cake instructions and many other ideas at

How To Make Teddy Bear Cake Decorations

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games

Beyond the classic baby shower games, consider a few of these ideas that are specially formulated for a teddy bear themed baby shower...

FREE Printable Teddy Bear Trivia Game - You can print out this free game by clicking here. Test your guest knowledge of all things teddy bear with this fun little trivia test. There are 10 questions with answers and instructions available at the above link.

Famous Bears Game - Either make up your own game cards or print out the free game card here. Ask your guests to write down as many famous bears that they can think of in 5 minutes. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game. Some sample answers are Paddington Bear, Yogi Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Care Bears, Smokey the Bear, Boo Boo, Briar Patch Bear, etc.

Teddy Bear Hot Potato - A twist on the classic hot potato game. Have your guests sit in a circle, start a timer, and have them pass around a stuffed teddy bear. The person holding the bear when the timer goes off is out of the game. Keep starting the timer again and passing around the bear until just one guest is left - the winner!

Hilarious Teddy Bear Kiss Activity - Pass a stuffed teddy bear around the room and have each baby shower guest kiss the bear. After everyone has finished kissing the bear, tell them they now must kiss the expectant mom in the exact same spot that they kissed the bear. It is quite funny to see where they end up kissing the Mom-to-be!

Bear Themed Shower Favor Ideas

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors

There are so many great ways to incorporate bears into the party favors. Just look at the photo above, you can find these baby shower favors online. There are so many retailers that sell cheap favors that incorporate the teddy bear theme... place card frames, bottle stopper favors, personalized mint tins, candles with pink or blue glitter bears, small photo album favors also available in pink or blue, teddy bear themed custom chocolate bar baby shower favors. The possibilities are endless!

One of my favorite ideas for DIY favors are either baby shower honey favors in jars or teddy bear shaped honey that you buy at the grocery store. In either case, you can purchase ribbons or stickers that have a teddy bear theme along with the shower details to thank the guests for sharing in mom's special day.

Another great party favor for bear-themed showers are Burt's Bees lip balms that incorporate honey in their formula. Most products come in their signature yellow containers with a bee motif.

Bee-shaped candle and soap favors are easily made by placing the candle or soap inside a bee-covered cellophane bag that is then tied with ribbon and a matching personalized favor hang tag.

Teddy Bear Shower Gift Ideas

Who wouldn't want a cuddly teddy bear?

Teddy Bear Shower Gift Ideas

You can find a wide array of baby shower gifts that incorporate the teddy bear theme. Of course, the most obvious choice is a classic baby's first teddy bear, but make it extra special by having the t-shirt or bib that the bear wears customized with the baby to be's last name (or first if mom already knows it).

Other great gift ideas are teddy bear shaped ceramic banks, baby gift baskets with a teddy bear theme, and baby diaper cakes that feature a teddy bear sitting on top. The fantastic thing about the diaper cake idea is that you can utilize it as both the centerpiece at the shower and as your gift to the expectant mom. Check out this fun beary ballerina diaper cake from All About Gifts & Baskets.

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