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Ten Popular Baby Shower Themes

Published May 25, 2007        by Kim

Choosing the baby shower theme is one of the most important aspects of throwing a baby shower. After all, the theme sets the mood for the entire baby shower. From the invitations, plates and napkins to the balloons, centerpieces and favors – the theme will show through everywhere. While some shower hosts might prefer not to have a theme, they may want to reconsider as even a simple theme like pink or blue will give the shower a cohesive effect and make it appear well organized. Some of the most popular shower themes are:

• It’s A Boy or It’s A Girl – This shower theme focuses on the color schemes often associated with baby boys and baby girls, blue and pink.

• Moon & Star – One great idea is to ask guests to bring lullaby and sleep or bedtime gifts. Many online companies sell moon & star themed items from balloons to dinnerware to moon-shaped bath salt party favors.

• Yellow Duckie – The duckie themed baby shower offers many interesting possibilities for displaying duckies. One fun and unique idea is to float some little yellow rubber duckies in the party punch bowl. You can even color the punch blue to make it look like the ducks are floating on a pond. Shop online for duck themed plates, napkins and invitations. How about playing duck, duck, gray duck for one of the shower games? They’ll think you are ever so clever.

• Nursery Rhyme – From Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Baa Baa Black Sheep to Humpty Dumpty, there are tons of options for invitations, decorations and food at a nursery rhyme themed shower. You can decorate with nursery rhyme books that can be given to Mom as a gift after the shower. During game time, you could make up game sheets that list lines from various nursery rhymes. Give your guests a few minutes to guess what nursery rhyme the line comes from.

• Peas In A Pod – Perfect for twins or multiples, this shower theme plays well with the two peas in a pod (or three peas in a pod) theme. A green color scheme should dominate the shower and pea themed items such as balloons and plates can be purchased online. Several companies sell pea pod bath bomb party favors. For dessert, consider making a pea pod cake out of a 13” x 9” rectangular cake that is cut and shaped to look like a pea pod. Then bake two (for twins) or three (for triplets) cupcakes that you remove from their wrappers and frost completely in green frosting with green sugar sprinkles. Place them on the pea pod to look like peas and decorate with piped green frosting to make the plant tendrils.

• Noah’s Ark – Perfect for twins because Noah loaded the ark two by two so everything comes in pairs. When making the food for the party, make two of everything: two bowls of chips, two plates of sandwiches, etc. For desert, bake cupcakes that you decorate with frosting and candles to look like various animals – be sure to have two of each (e.g. monkeys, elephants, pandas, frogs, lions). Serve animal crackers to munch on. Use pairs of stuffed animals to decorate for the party. You can find Noah’s Ark themed party supplies at most local party stores or online. For favors, do it yourself by giving animal crackers or other little animal themed gifts or shop online for things like Noah’s Ark photo frames or themed chocolate bars.

• Sports – When a bouncing baby boy is on the way, this shower theme is the perfect play (especially if Dad is a sports junkie). Use ball shaped invitations and say something about an “All Star Baby Shower” or “Welcome The All Star Slugger Shower” if you want it all baseball themed. Decorate with sports equipment, team pennants, baseball hats, big foam fingers, etc. Of course, the cake should be a sports ball. You can buy sports themed serving pieces and favors at your local party supply shop or online.

• Little Prince or Princess – The royalty will soon arrive so decorate the party so it is fit for the King and Queen to visit. Mom’s chair should look like a throne and give her a crown or tiara to wear during the party. Decorate with wands, crowns, tiaras and more. If you want to go all out, you could make some cardboard castle walls too.

• Pitter Patter – Soon Mom & Dad will be hearing the pitter patter of feet so throwing a baby feet themed shower is a great idea. Decorate in pink, blue and white. Give Mom a sock corsage and make sure that she receives a baby footprint kit as a gift. Try the baby feet lollipop centerpiece and baby shower favors to make the event even more festive.

• Frog – From frog baby shower invitations to balloons to plates, you can find tons of frog-themed baby shower supplies online. For food, think about serving a frog shaped cake or grasshopper pie. Since green will be the color scheme, you could serve green jello and green M & M’s as snacks. Frog themed diaper cakes would be an excellent centerpiece that you can give to the parents-to-be as their shower gift. If your guests are adventurous, how about a game of leapfrog? If not, you could buy some fake flies and do a ‘guess how many flies in the jar’ game.