How to Thank A Client for Their Business—Our 5 Best Ideas

thank you gift ideas for clients

thank you gift ideas for clients

Working with customers can be an incredibly nuanced business. It's important throughout the process to not only provide efficient service but also make the client feel appreciated from start to finish. Because of this, it's also essential that business owners make sure the client is valued after the business is finished to ensure that not only are they satisfied with the work done, but that they also feel compelled to continue working with the company should they need repeat business in the future.

Thanking your loyal customers is the perfect way to bring closure to a transaction—people usually remember the last interaction they have with any given person most clearly, so you want to make sure your client feels properly thanked and comforted by the experience. When you take the time to show customer appreciation, you'll also be more likely to get referrals and social media reviews to help your business.

There are many different ways that you can achieve this effectively, but we've made a list of ideas for you to create a positive customer experience and ensure your customers return for the service they know and love!

1. Write a very personal message

thoughtful thank you for client

In this technological age, sometimes there isn't anything better than a classic handwritten thank-you letter to a customer. It can be very easy to write and send an email, but the added effort of physically mailing a letter makes it a special process.

To the same effect, writing a message by hand adds an intimacy that can't be paralleled with technology. In the same way that each of us has a voice, everybody also has a writing style that personalizes each interaction. This mode of communication will surely stand out from your standard corporate gift.

Though handwriting a message goes a long way, it's also essential to take it a step further by personalizing the content of your letter as well. For many customers, it's best to directly address or reflect the work your team has collaborated on.

Expressing your direct thoughts about the work makes it easier to express gratitude and they will feel that through your letter. Communicating these thoughts through a handwritten letter can also make the customer feel as though you're speaking with them directly, a distinct advantage over typing a message.

2. Get a gift engraved/personalized

best thank you gift for clients

Something that helps make a client feel appreciated is getting them a product that only they would fully understand. Yes, receiving a gift is interpreted as a good thing most of the time, but making a gift something that is only for them goes a long way in making the interaction special.

One can do this by getting a certain gift, like a watch or humidor, engraved with the client's name. To get your name on something specific feels almost like it's a marking of its own, a factor that will make clients feel like not only is their collaboration valued, but also their individuality.

Buying a custom gift that relates to their work can also be a way to give something unique to your customer. If your customer works in the music industry, getting them a gift relating to the specific genre of music they work in can be another way to communicate your support not just for your business relationship, but for their general work in their profession.

3. Leave a video message

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Being able to thank somebody in person is a wonderful start, but to send a thank-you note after everything has settled is another effective way to give closure to any business collaboration. One of the most effective ways to do so is leaving a video message—this also gives you the opportunity to include multiple people in the video, often making it clear that there are multiple people from your team who appreciate the given client.

Video also allows you to communicate nuance that isn't possible with just the written word, such as mannerisms, facial expressions, and other intimate ways of communication. Because of this, a “thank you” can feel much more comforting when said with a smile.

Also, because you'd be sending a video, the client can replay it as many times as they want, allowing them to truly take in your gratitude and feel like part of the team again!

4. Select a personal gift that resonates

thank you gift ideas for business clients

Another way to personalize a gift for a client is to buy something relating specifically to their interests or personality. For example, if you know that a client is a huge fan of classical music, buying them tickets to an opera can show them that you are aware of their interests and hobbies outside of the work you do together. This will make the client feel like you are truly listening to their needs and interests, something that will help build a more personal relationship further down the road.

You can also personalize a gift by including people you know the client gets along with. If a client is married, inviting their spouse to join the night at the opera can be a good way to continue building a friendly relationship with both of them, something that will reflect on their personal attitude towards you as well.

5. Leave a gift of food

thank you gift basket for clients

Sometimes the most effective gifts are ones that are simple, elegant, and delicious. This most often takes the place of a food product gift, something that can be consumed and not delegated to a home office that might be seldom visited. A fruit basket can be a great start for sending a food-related gift or give them a sweet treat basket to enjoy while watching a movie with their family.

There are also many different types of food-related baskets that you can look into based on their preferences and familial situation. If your client has children, perhaps a food basket that centers around a family would be most effective. If their preferred method of cooking is on the barbecue, giving them a food basket centered around that would be a way for them to continually use your gift in positive ways.

Finding the perfect way to recognize customer loyalty can be a huge asset to your business in the long run. We've listed our favorite and most effective options for doing so, but there are also other places you can look for more ideas.

Above all, communicating gratitude is key. If you want to build up your brand loyalty, making your customers feel like they are appreciated can go a long way for establishing a dedicated clientele for your work.

What did you think of our list? What is your favorite way of thanking customers? Have you ever received or given any gifts that made you feel appreciated? Share your story in a response to this article!

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