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Thank Heavens for Employees

Published July 25, 2007        by Matt

thank you employeesHow would a business prosper and grow without employees? Simply put, it couldn't. One person cannot handle every role of a business yet expect it to grow and succeed without employees.

Employees are the glue that holds a business together, and the success of any sector of your business leads back to these individuals. However, success is created with the help of "motivated" employees.

How does one motivate employees? First and foremost, the business owner should have good leadership skills and these skills are not developed overnight but through the course of education and experience.

Motivation can be different for each individual employee. Where one employee might be motivated by corporate gifts, another might be motivated by job security.

Motivational tactics may need to be refined for each individual employee. A business owner should find out what their employees want and find a way to give it to them or enable them to earn it.

Here are some suggestions that may help you to motivate your employees:

  • Communicate with employees. Take the time to talk with them and listen to them, whether it be work-related or personal.
  • Create an inspiring workplace and encourage creativity and open thinking.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Create opportunities for workers to further develop their skills.
  • Allow employees to participate in decisions pertaining to the business, if and where applicable.
  • Design an incentive program that may include compensation benefits, non-compensation benefits or a combination of both.
  • Give employees challenging tasks.
  • Create goals that each employee should strive to attain.

Motivating employees may not be an easy task and often times it is a matter of trial and error to decide which tools work the most.

There are many other things that a business owner can do to motivate in addition to the above. However, the one thing that a business owner should never forget to do is to praise his/her employees and say "Thank You" for a job well-done. Individuals thrive on praise and appreciation and it certainly is one motivational tool that should be practiced in any business.

We have a beautiful selection of thank you gift baskets perfect for employee appreciation and thanking these individuals for their hard work and dedication. Your employee(s) will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Motivate and appreciate are the key to employee loyalty! Don't forget how your business would be without your employees. Thank Heavens for Employees!