Thank You Gift & Note Ideas

thank you gift and note ideas

thank you gift and note ideas

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No matter what the language, we all have occasions when we need to say thank you. Saying thanks using notes, letters, gifts and even e-cards is a great way to let clients, friends and family know just how much you appreciate them and their efforts. Coming up with unique ways to show your appreciation can be challenging so I've put together some of my favorite ways to say THANK YOU!

Thank You E-Cards

One of the quickest and easiest ways to send a thank you note is via e-mail, but why not make it a bit more special by sending an e-card. Many online companies offer memberships in their e-card clubs for a small fee so that you can send cards for just about any occasion including thanks (see and

However, I like things that are FREE so my favorite online e-card provider is If you want to send something that will make them LOL (laugh out loud), try one of the Hoops and YoYo e-cards. I got one for Valentine's Day that literally made me laugh so hard I cried.

Thank You Letter Writing Books

Coming up with clever wording for thank you letters and notes can be easy when you have one of these books on hand to help get your creative juices flowing. Some more great ideas can be found at Thank You Note Samples where you can get thank you note samples for various business and personal topics. Remember an imperfect thank you note with your heartfelt gratitude beats no thank you note at all so not matter what - send a note or letter.

10 Great Reasons To Say Thanks

what to write in thank you cards

Here are the top occasions and reasons that people send thank you notes or gifts to family, friends, clients and other acquaintances. Below we have provided more detailed information about the most popular thank you occasions.

  1. To Say Thank You For A Gift - Christmas, Newborn Baby, Bridal Shower, etc.
  2. To Thank Party Attendees - Wedding, Graduation, Birthday, Retirement
  3. To Thank A Host or For The Hospitality - say thanks for allowing you to stay overnight as a guest or for hosting an event at their home.
  4. To Thank Customers or Clients for referrals, references and business.
  5. To Say Thanks to a Good Samaritan - for example someone that stopped and helped change your tire, switched shifts with you at work, or returning a lost wallet.
  6. To Thank A Friend - maybe they gave you good advice, had you over for dinner, babysat your kids, took care of your plants or pets while you were on vacation, or took you to the airport
  7. To Thank A Professional such as a doctor for delivering your baby, a nurse for caring for your elderly parent, your child's teacher at school, or your veterinarian for helping your sick pet.
  8. To Thank Your employer for a great holiday bonus, a big raise or promotion, wish them a Happy Boss's Day, or for getting an interview you when job hunting
  9. To Thank Your employees for all their hard work, doing a great job on a big project, working overtime or Administrative Professionals Week.
  10. To Thank Charity Volunteers especially during Volunteer Appreciation Week

Corporate Thank You Tips

Whether you need to say thank you for the information, referral, reference or patronage to your business, a gift or a note can go a long way in showing your appreciation. A small gift or note can pay for itself many times over when your relationship with customers and clients is nurtured.

For ongoing referrals or references, a simple handwritten thank you card or note is often used. You can buy beautiful cards in your local Hallmark or Target store or online at a place like Cards Direct and Business Thank You Letter Ideas.

Business thank you gifts are traditionally given to corporate clients during the holiday season to thank people for their business. There are many ideas for gifts that will leave a lasting impression. However the most popular choices are holiday gift baskets customized with a wide range of gourmet food items as well as logo items such as custom ribbon with your company name. Corporate gifts such as these go a long way in fostering long-term relationships and these simple gestures are sure to bring a smile to your client's face. To stand apart from the crowd, you might want to consider giving smaller little thank you gifts throughout the year such as a 'We LOVE Your Business' or 'Heartfelt Thanks' on Valentine's Day or 'Thanks For Your Business' on Thanksgiving.

Other thank you gift ideas would be fresh flowers, balloon bouquets,thank you cookie bouquets, personalized gifts and gift of the month clubs.

Wedding Thank You Ideas

Letting your guests know how much you appreciated them sharing your special day with you is an essential part of any wedding celebration. And don't forget to specifically thank them for whatever gift they gave you. Whether you choose a custom photo card, personalized custom printed thank you card or handwritten note, you gesture of appreciation will be well received. For tips on wording for your wedding thank you cards, visit Weddings.About.Com.

Here are a few do's and don't from wedding etiquette experts.

  1. If Aunt Maggie gives you a bridal shower favor gift and a wedding gift, be sure to write her two separate thank you notes (one for each gift).
  2. Bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts received before the big day should be acknowledged within 2 weeks.
  3. Giving your guests wedding favors as a thank you for attending your ceremony is a great way to show appreciation, but is not a substitute for a thank you note if the guest gave you a gift as well.
  4. Wedding gift givers should receive a thank you note from the happy couple within 2 months of returning from their honeymoon (within 6 weeks of the wedding day if there wasn't a honeymoon). I recommend sending them as soon as possible though.

Baby or Bridal Shower Thank You Advice

baby shower thank you
Image by ambersphoto on Flickr

Whether you are writing thank you notes for a bridal or a baby shower, your friends and family deserve a special note for all the useful gifts that you've just received. Although etiquette says that you have a few weeks to get the thank you notes in the mail, do yourself a favor and get them sent as soon as possible after the shower. Because all women know that once baby arrives, you'll have little time to spend on writing notes to friends and family.

Many companies sell adorable bridal shower and baby shower thank you cards that you can choose to coordinate with the theme or color scheme of your event. Try to make each note personal and custom for the individual gift. In other words, don't just say 'thank you for the generous gift', say something more specific like 'thank you for the adorable pink jumpsuit, we can't wait for her to wear it'. And don't forget to thank them for making the effort to come to your shower to share the day with you.

Finally, I suggest that you get the people that threw the shower for you a little gift as a token of your appreciation. It is a lot of work to put together a bridal shower or to make baby shower favors so be sure to recognize how much you appreciate it.

Thank You Notes From Kids

kids thank you note
Image by woodleywonderworks
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It is virtually never to early to teach your children good thank you etiquette. When children are too young to write (usually under the age of 7), you can let them know that you are writing so and so a note to thank them for the birthday or kids Christmas gift that they gave the child. Let them draw a picture or write their name if they are capable to include. Recipients will love the gesture. Once they can write on their own, help them to craft a well-written note or letter to the gift giver. Once your child can read and write, you can make sure that they write the thank you note in a timely manner and sit down with them to help them word the note or just provide some encouragement. Starting from an early age will help your child understand the importance of showing appreciation and respect by thanking those that give them gifts for years to come.

P.S. Having young children is no excuse for not writing thank you notes. Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents who give your children gifts deserve a thank you note so if your child is under the age of 3, it is the parent's responsibility to write the thank you note.

Cards For Causes

I ran across a card company online, Cards For Causes and thought you might be interested. They allow you to purchase thank you cards and then to thank their customers they donate 20% of all purchases to the charity of your choice. Just thought that this might be a great way to thank people (maybe even by thanking people for coming to your wedding by giving them a thank you card and a donation to boot).
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