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Thanksgiving Gift Basket Giveaway - 2 Winners!

Published November 11, 2013        by Rae Ann

With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, we thought we'd give you one more thing to be thankful for with a great new giveaway!  Two lucky winners are going to get to choose their favorite gift (valued at up to $80) from over 40 great designs from our Thanksgiving Gift Baskets page.

Whether you're looking for a gift for your Thanksgiving Dinner hostess, or would like to let family near and far know you're thinking of them, we have a creative basket to brighten their day. From decadent chocolate to fresh fruit, there's something for everyone!

Enter today - Contest ends on November 24th!

aa thanksgiving Thanksgiving Gift Basket Giveaway   2 Winners!

Thanksgiving Day is November 28th, 2013. It's a time for friends and family to gather around delicious foods and share stories of the past, present and future.

We have a great variety of Thanksgiving Baskets to add something special to your gathering.  Keep your guests busy snacking while you're taking care of the dinner finishing touches with our great baskets filled with a cornucopia of treats.  They'll enjoy delicious foods like butter toffee pretzels, deluxe snack mixes, cheese spreads, crackers and more.

If a dessert basket is what you're looking for, you'll love our selection of fresh-baked cookies, decadent chocolates or cheesecake!  Our cookie bouquets are colorful and make a lovely table centerpiece.  They're almost too pretty to eat, but you'll be glad you did!

For a healthy alternative, we have a great selection of fruit baskets too! Our baskets hold the best orchard fruits and tempting treats of the season.

aa thanksgiving gifts Thanksgiving Gift Basket Giveaway   2 Winners!

With so many delicious options, the hardest part will be choosing your favorite should you be one of the lucky winners!

Thanksgiving Giveaway Rules

Enter the giveaway by using the rafflecopter widget below. The mandatory entry is commenting on the blog post, but once that entry is completed various other entry options will become available. Any option is acceptable, but the number of entries per person are limited to the number indicated in the contest form. Entries will be reviewed and duplicate or incomplete entries will be removed.

NOTE - You must complete the specified entry task in order to be eligible to win the giveaway. If you click the green entry button without completing the chosen task, your entry will be thrown out (disqualified from winning the prize).

*If you have problems using Rafflecopter, be sure you are running the latest version of your web browser and have JavaScript updated.

*Contest is open to all residents of the 48 Contiguous States and only to those 18 years of age or older!

*The two winners will be randomly chosen by the contest sponsor

*The two winners will receive their choice of a Thanksgiving Gift Basket valued at up to $80 from our Thanksgiving page.

*If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be notified via e-mail. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.

The full list of rules can be found here .

Sweepstakes ends at midnight EST on November 24th, 2013. The sweepstakes winners will be announced by December 1, 2013.

240 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gift Basket Giveaway - 2 Winners!”

  1. I would love the thanksgiving bounty gift because it has fruit and cheese. there a lots of sweets at the holidays so i love the basics, delicious fresh fruit

  2. I love pumpkin pie and the pumpkin cheese pie looks delicious!! Have to have pumpkin pie and Cheesecake for dessert during the holidays!!

  3. I think Fall Harvest Gourmet Gift Basket Looks wonderful! I would be very lucky to win! Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, flavors, and treats!

  4. I like the fabulous fall log cabin gift basket and Blessed Harvest Autumn Basket. I actually like everything (especially chocolate-covered oreos), but I think the name of these two gifts appeals to me.


  6. WOW! So many awesome fall baskets! My favorite is Holiday Gourmet Grandeur with so many treats. WOuld keep anyone busy with snacks through the fall! Thank you for a great giveaway :)

  7. I love the blessed harvest autumn basket!! The basket is beautiful. I already have in my mind what I could use it for when it is empty. I love how everything is arranged in it too!

    Thanks for your generous giveaway! This is one thing I am thankful for. Thoughtful folks like you!

  8. I like the california wine trio basket the best. It has so many wonderful goodies in it that anyone and everyone would be happy to receive it.

  9. I love the Autumn Favorites Snack Basket. it has such a variety that the entire family would enjoy it.

  10. i really like the Thanksgiving Bounty Gift because of the fruit. i am a big fruit eater and this would be great.

  11. wOW, THE SITE sure has a lot of options. I think if I was going to go big for the family get-togethers, I would get the Harvest Gourmet Celebrations. It is massive.

  12. The Thanksgiving Gift that I liked was the Harvest Gourmet Celebrations. It has something for everyone's taste - a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty, a little bit of crunchy, a little bit of velvety smooth (yummy truffles). Thanks for this great giveaway!

  13. Wow, they have a really wonderful selection. I would really love the Autumn Favorites Snack Basket as a gift.

  14. I like the fabulous fall log cabin simply because of the log cabin but i like the contents of the harvest gourmet celebrations basket. how is one supposed to choose just 1 though?

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  15. I like The Tasteful Fall basket. It has all the yummy sweet treats with some great cheeses . I also love the basket.


  17. My favorite Thanksgiving gift is the Thanksgiving Gourmet Snack Gift Basket. It's very attractive and has a great variety.

  18. It is a toss up beteeen the Chocolate Dipped Oreos and the Godiva & Fruit tower. They all look delicious to me!

  19. I like the harvest bounty wine and gourmet basket. It looks like it would be very good to serve to some friends.

  20. i like the Autumn Snack Attack Gift Basket. I love having snacks around all the time and its filled with great snacks.

  21. I love the Autumn Harvest gift basket. We are huge fresh fruit eaters, this would make the perfect thanksgiving basket for my family!

  22. The Autumn Snack Attack Gift Basket would be perfect for my family. We're camping for Thanksgiving and will be heading out on our ATV's to take family photos on Thanksgiving Day. This basket would be perfect to pack along in the Polaris Ranger for snacking when we take breaks!

  23. i like the fabulous fall log cabin gift basket. I would love to share this with my family. Thank you for the great giveaway!


  25. I would choose the log cabin gift, it reminds me so much of country living, it has that woodsy feel. I was raised in the country on the river, i now live in the city and with both of my parents gone I miss the country setting, bringing back memories.

  26. I love the taste of fall gourmet basket because it contains such a variety of items and everything I like!

  27. My kids would love the Thanksgiving Chocolate Dipped Oreo Wheel tin. I would love the Harvest Gourmet Celebrations basket. They all look so yummy!

  28. I also like Holiday Gourmet Grandeur AND Fall Godiva & Fruit Tower. bOTH GIFTS LOOK LIKE

  29. my favorite item is the Holiday Gourmet Grandeur basket. I love this basket for the basket itself and also because there is such a large varity of items in it. We hyave a large family and this has someo thing different for everyone in it.

  30. I really like the Harvest Bounty Wine & Gourmet Basket. I love wine and snacks, this would be a great gift.

  31. I would like to get All About Gifts & Baskets' Thanksgiving Gourmet Snack Gift Basket. It would make a great hostess gift.

  32. I like the Blessed Harvest Autumn Basket. It has a nice assortment of goodies that will please everyone.

  33. I think the Diabetic Sugar Free Goodie Basket is a great idea. So many times the people who have diabetes get overlooked for "goodie" gifts. This would be something they could enjoy without worry or guilt.

  34. I like the Fabulous Fall Log Cabin Gift. The log basket is so unique, and it has everyone covered with the snacks!

  35. I like the Autumn Harvest Orchard Abundance. We are fruit eaters in my house and this looked really good.

  36. The Harvest Gourmet Celebration sounds delicious. it has all the sweets i would love to have and some savories too.

  37. I am drawn to the oreo baskets but if i were to purchase one, it would be the Fall Harvest Gourmet Gift Basket. although, the autumn bounty basket looks really cool, too. i have no idea why this is in all caps, it's driving me nuts!

  38. What a selection! i like any of the gourmet baskets, the california wine trio basket or the thanksgiving fortune cookies-they are too cute and look extra yummy :) thanks for the bountifully delicious giveaway!

  39. Wow, that is a tough choice! I like the Thanksgiving Gourmet Snack Gift Basket - looks like it's got something for everyone.

  40. Oh I really love the Corsos Happy Thanksgiving Cookie Arrangement! Carter would think that is so neat with the Thanksgiving cookies! I love how bright it is with all the thanksgiving colors!

  41. I love the Thanksgiving gourmet snack gift basket. its features a lot of things i'd want to try. i also love the gourmet gathering gift basket. my friends and i could snack on those treats during our monthly ladies night gatherings.

  42. All of the baskets look so wonderful. It is hard to pick just one as they all stand out saying pick me! I would choose one with a variety of items and flavors. Thanks

  43. I would pick the fall godiva and fruit tower. I love this because i love the baskets it comes in and love all the chocolate.


  45. Autumn Harvest Orchard Abundance would be my choice. It would make a great gift for my son and his wife whose baby is due right before T'giving.

  46. I would love to check out the harvest bounty wine & gourmet basket, because I do think someone was reading my,chocolate and cheese,yummm!

  47. I love the Thanksgiving Rice Krispie Lollipop Gift. But there are a lot of items on that site that are ridiculously adorable.


  49. My favorite thanksgiving gift is the Thanksgiving Gourmet Snack Gift Basket! it has a mix of some of my favorite things in it....cider, sausage, cheese, etc.!

  50. You guys have thought of everything. Peppermint popcorn! Mocha almonds! And of course, cheese, crackers & mustard. Yum!

  51. My favorite is the Thanksgiving Chocolate Dipped Oreo Wheel. The treats look delicious. Thanks.

  52. I Love the Thanksgiving Turkey Giant Cookie Cake. I think it would be a great addition to thanksgiving dinner, and an alternative dessert for those who aren't so fond of PUMPKIN pie.

  53. They have so many great baskets to choose from. My favorite basket is the Harvest Bounty Wine & Gourmet Basket.

  54. Wow they have so many wonderful baskets to choose from! I would love to have the Autumn Harvest Orchard Abundance if I won! :)

  55. I like the Holiday Gourmet Grandeur gift basket. I love how many snacks & treats it has included, great for putting out for guests!

  56. I can't decide which basket I like best. The Cornucopia says Thanksgiving all the way! Truffles are nice too!

  57. So many wonderful choices! I'd love to have lots of them, but this one especially caught my eye: /products/thanksgiving_gourmet_snack_gift_basket-DM-824/

    Thanks for the giveawaY!

  58. I think my favorite might be the Autumn Favorites Snack Basket! Looks like it has some wonderful snacking foods in it. :-)

  59. I like the Holiday Gourmet Grandeur. It has a little of everything in it, so it would be fun to share with guests over the holidays.

  60. Anything with chocolate and lots of it would be the basket I would choose. your baskets are lovely!

  61. I would love to get the Thanksgiving Gourmet Snack Gift Basket. It has something in it everyone would really enjoy.

  62. It was so hard to pick from so many wonderful baskets. I had to go with the Fabulous Fall Log Cabin Gift since we live in a log cabin :)

  63. The Autumn Favorites Snack Basket is my favorite. It comes with a good variety ad is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

  64. They have such a good selection of baskets and gifts. I like the Shades of Autumn Snack Gift Basket. I love receiving gift baskets.

  65. I like the Harvest Gourmet Celebration basket. That had a bit of everyting to it and had a nice decoration.

  66. After looking through their selection I think I would pick the Fabulous Fall Log Cabin Gift Basket. Thank you for hosting this giveaway & Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  67. My favorite item on the website that I have found is the Thanksgiving Chocolate Dipped Oreo Wheel. they look so yummy! oreos are one of my favotires

  68. All of the baskets look wonderful, but I would choose the Blessed Harvest Autumn Basket! Thanks for the chance!

  69. I like The Tastes of Fall Gourmet Gift Basket. It has a nice assortment of sweet and savory items. Something for everyone!

  70. I like the Autumn Favorites Snack Basket. It has such a wide variety of products - cheese straws, mustard, crackers, cookies - that you could pair it with thanksgiving leftovers and have a second wonderful feast.

  71. I Love all of the thanksgiving gifts. My favorite is the Holiday Gourmet Grandeur because there is such a huge variety. And itll make the whole family happy im sure.

  72. I like the fabulous fall log cabin gift. It reminds me of my grandparent's log cabin and homey nights around the fire.

  73. I love the Thanksgiving Chocolate Dipped Oreo Wheel. Everyone loves oreos just like me and would go mad over this!! I love so many things from here

  74. I like the Fall Harvest Gourmet Gift Basket. It has my favorite cheese - brie and the stuffed olives sound good. Also the tray is really pretty. ( i don;t know why this is in caps. my computer isn't).

  75. my favorite thanksgiving gift would have to be Harvest Gourmet Celebrations, it looks full of such good things to eat. That's the one for me :-)

  76. I definitely love the Fall Godiva & Fruit Tower. This would be such a great gift for myself and my guests!

  77. The Autumn snack attack is my favorite. My family would love this because it has some of their very favorite snacks in it.

  78. There are so many that it is hard to pick a favorite! I really like the Fall Harvest Gourmet Gift Basket or the Blessed Harvest Autumn Basket.

  79. I would pick the Fall Harvest Gourmet Gift Basket. However, My 10 year old son says The Thanksgiving Chocolate Dipped Oreo Wheel is where it's at;)

  80. I'd love to have the Organic California Horn of Plenty. It looks yummy and it's great that you have an organic option.

  81. I love cheesecake and I love chocolate. Everything looks great! If I had to choose one I would pick the Pumpkin Cheese Pie!! yummmm

  82. I would love the California Wine Trio. This would make a great gift to take with me when I go to my friend's house this Thanksgiving. It has the perfect mix of treats and wine that would make a great gift for any hostess.

  83. I want all of them! No, I like the Holiday Gourmet Grandeur. Or the Gourmet Gathering Gift Basket. 😀

  84. I think The Thanksgiving Bounty basket is my favorite. Because It has seasonal fruit, cheese, crackers, California almonds, cashew crunch, a mini Napa Valley mustard and cute turkey-themed shortbread cookies. Thanks for having this contest.

  85. I would go with the Shades of Autumn Snack Gift Basket. It is a collection of things I would enjoy anytime

  86. I would love to have the Leaves and Pumpkins Gourmet Cookie Box.I have four kids,so all those cookies would be a huge hit withe theM.

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