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Thanksgiving gifts

Facts about Thanksgiving Day

Creative Thanksgiving gift ideas

The harvest festival of Thanksgiving - in Canada, the second Monday in October - has wandered around the calendar more than most holidays:

  • The first North American celebration was in Canada's eastern
    Arctic in 1578, by explorer Martin Frobisher.
  • New England's Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving in autumn 1621, 'with turkey, squash, and pumpkin. This festival was brought to
    Canada as early as 1750. Abraham Lincoln made it an official
    U.S. holiday in 1863.
  • From 1819 to 1921, Canada's official Thanksgiving was November 6. In 1931, it reverted to the second or third Monday in October, except for 1935 when it was held on a Thursday. In 1957,
    Ottawa formalized the present date.

    Thanksgiving Fun Facts

    The typical US household devours turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, bread rolls and of course pumpkin or cherry pie for the big Thanksgiving holiday. So here are some fun facts regarding these delights.

    The average American consumes over 13 pounds of turkey a year and it would be fairly safe to assume that a few pounds were consumed during the Thanksgiving week.  Likewise, the average American consumes about 4.7 pounds of sweet potatoes in a one year time period.

    According to the USDA, over 265 million turkeys will be raised in the US this year with about 20% being raised in Minnesota (tops all states in turkey production). US farmers will earn over $2.7 billion from raising turkeys this year. And don't forget the cranberries! The US produces over 650 million pounds of cranberries with over 50% being grown in the great state of Wisconsin. Whether topped with marshmallows or a brown sugar - pecan mix, sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple. Nearly 1.6 billion pounds of sweet potatoes are grown in the US with the majority grown in North Carolina. With 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins and 256 million pounds of tart cherries being grown each year in the US, Mom should have plenty to bake a fantastic Thanksgiving pie.

    The US average price was $1.07 per pound for a full size frozen turkey in 2005.

    Want to get yourself in the Thanksgiving spirit? Well how about a visit to one of the 3 towns named "Turkey" in the US.  So this year maybe you should consider celebrating Turkey Day in Turkey, Texas!

Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving gifts

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on all your blessings from the past year, getting together with your family (even if they are crazy), and of course, eating a big 'ole turkey until you feel stuffed yourself. Speaking of turkeys - according to the National Turkey Federation, over 90% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Many of us have Thanksgiving traditions that revolve around food. Whether your tradition is deep frying a turkey, making green bean casserole with those crunchy fried onions, or rolling out the best sweet potato pie, there is often more to Thanksgiving than a good looking bird with all the fixings.

Many families have adopted other traditions that are passed from one generation to the next. Here are the top 10 Thanksgiving traditions along with some recommended movies, books and games that will surely have your family smiling. If you don't have any Thanksgiving traditions in your family, this is the year to start one!

Top 10 Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgviging gift ideas

  1. Write Thankful Lists - When guests arrive for Thanksgiving, hand them a piece of Thanksgiving themed paper and have them generate a "What I'm Thankful For This Year List." It might be one thing or it might be a long list depending on the person. Then, before serving the big meal, you go around the table having each person say aloud what he/she is thankful for. You can turn this tradition into a family memory book by hole-punching the paper or placing the paper in sheet protectors along with photos of the family during the Thanksgiving festivities.
  2. Watch Football - Watching the traditional NFL football games is considered by many to be as much a part of Thanksgiving as a turkey. Each year, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play Thanksgiving Day and John Madden hands out the famous turkey drumsticks. Add in some beer and snacks and you'll have some happy football enthusiasts at your party. And after dinner, have the gang burn off some calories by playing a family football game in the yard or by going to a local basketball court to shoot some hoops. Better yet, gather the family in the yard or local basketball court.
  3. Watch Movies - Released in 1973, 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' is the most watched movie on Thanksgiving Day. And why not? This heart-warming film shows the misadventures of Charlie Brown as he tries to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for all of his pals. As usual, Snoopy and Woodstock step in and end up saving the day by serving toast and jelly beans. There are plenty of other movies perfect for family Thanksgivings. Consider 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' or 'Home for the Holidays'.
  4. Buy or Decorate the Christmas Tree - If your family puts up a fresh Christmas tree, the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to go to tree farm to pick out this year's winner. Just choose the tree and mark it. Ask the farm to deliver it a week or two later to make sure that it won't dry out before Christmas. If your family puts up an artificial tree, the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to lug the tree box down from the garage or up from the basement. Set it up and decorate it with all those special ornaments gathered over the years.
  5. Break The Wishbone - After dinner is eaten, a long held tradition held by many families is making a wish on the wishbone from the turkey. Basically, two family members grab on to each end of the wishbone and pull while making a wish. It is said that whoever gets the larger piece (the one with the head on it) will have his or her wish come true. Of course, as superstition goes, the winner can't share their wish with others or it won't come true!
  6. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - For almost 80 years, Macy's has celebrated Thanksgiving and beckoned Christmas with their big parade in New York City. Every Thanksgiving Day, the parade features giant helium balloons with characters like Snoopy, high school and college marching bands from across the U.S., beautiful parade floats and of course, Santa Claus waving to the kids from his magical sleigh.
  7. Serve a Thanksgiving Meal - Many families find that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give back to the community and share their blessings with others. They volunteer at a local shelter or at Meals On Wheels to serve and deliver the Thanksgiving food gift of a meal to those less fortunate Americans.
  8. Make Thanksgiving Crafts - Most American households are filled with children on Thanksgiving Day. A great way to keep them busy and to have fun is to make Thanksgiving crafts such as turkey headbands or wall hangings. You can ask them to create a special thank you gift for the hostess or the cooks for all the yummy food. Perhaps consider a Thanksgiving cookie bouquet filled with iced cookies shaped like turkeys, cornucopias, and more.
  9. Shop 'Til You Drop - Many women have incorporated this tradition by gathering the family and getting up bright and early the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping. Toting ads from the 'Black Friday' newspaper, they run from store to store trying to get the early bird specials on their Christmas shopping list. This tradition isn't for the faint of heart since the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
  10. Exchange Names for Christmas - What better time to draw and exchange names for Christmas gifts than when all the family is already gathered together for the Thanksgiving festivities.

Even More Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many people. It involves so much more than a day for giving thanks. It's also a day to reunite with family members you haven't seen in a while and to relive favorite family traditions and stories.

Perhaps you're a newlywed and you and your new husband are looking for ideas on how to start your own family traditions. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Invite a Neighbor

Unique Thanksgiving gifts

Lots of families make it a Thanksgiving tradition to invite a friend or neighbor who they know will be alone. This can turn into a lively and interesting gathering as every year there are different faces at the table. It's also a nice way to share a nice home-cooked meal with those who might not have had one otherwise!

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Families all over love to volunteer for charity at the Thanksgiving season. They make it a practice to serve the Thanksgiving meal at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Or they hand out turkeys and meals to the needy in their community.

Volunteering your time and energy are wonderful inexpensive holiday gifts. Even if you can't afford to go donate a bunch of food to a shelter, or prepare a meal for homeless people, you can still serve them!

Using your time to serve others who don't have anything is a great way to give back on this special day in which we remember what we are grateful for. Don't you think?

Pie Baking Contest

Unique Thanksgiving gift ideas

Do the aunts in your family have secret recipes for pumpkin and apple pie or another gourmet dessert? Why not have a bake-off? The oldest or youngest people in the family can be the judges. Have everyone bring their own handmade pie to the Thanksgiving dinner and hold the contest at dessert time.

Make sure to leave who-made-what-pie anonymous. That's part of the fun!

Carving the Turkey

Thanksgiving present

For many, the tradition of the eldest in the family carving the Thanksgiving bird is a cherished one. Often a special or even personalized knife and fork set that's been handed down over the generations does the honors.

And when it's time for the next generation to learn how to carve, that's a special tradition all its own. Grandfathers, uncles, and dads all love to get involved in keeping this one tradition alive.

In my family, the women cook the meal and the men clean up the kitchen and do the dishes afterwards. This is just one more way to pass on a tradition for years to come!

You Bring the Sides

Thanksgiving present ideas

In some families, whoever is hosting the Thanksgiving dinner will make the turkey and the tradition is for the guests to bring the side dishes.

This not only ensures a lovely array of different family recipes, but it also saves precious oven space for the bird as folks cook their dishes at home.

The Kiddie Table

The children's table has become a family tradition tested by time. It's no longer a demerit to be placed at the children's table if you're the only single guy or girl. That's where all the fun happens. Place small kids gifts like toys and crayons at the kids' table and cover it with butcher paper so they can draw.

The Thanksgiving Tree

Since the day is all about Thanksgiving for our many blessings, one popular tradition is to create a Thanksgiving Tree. This can be composed of a construction paper trunk hung on a wall or fridge and individual leaves made of paper for guests to write on.

Each guest writes what they are most thankful for and sticks it on the tree. Another variation is to bring in live tree branches and make a centerpiece out of them. Guests add their leaves before the meal and everyone can read them during dinner.

The Tofu-rkey

For the multitudes of vegetarians that come to the table, hosts are starting a new tradition of offering a Tofu-rkey. This faux turkey is actually crafted in the shape of a turkey and made entirely out of tofu. It's a nice tradition that shows you care about the non-meat-eaters at the table.

The Big Game

For families around the globe, there's no tradition quite like watching football on Thanksgiving Day. After everyone has stuffed themselves with a fine meal, everyone retires in front of the TV with their personalized coffee cups to watch the game.

Usually, factions will split off from those who finish the dishes and put away leftovers to kids who go outside to folks who just want to unbutton their top button and take a snooze.

Dressing the Dog

Best Thanksgiving presents

Probably the most adorable tradition of late is the occurrence of well-dressed dogs at the festivities. Those with a sense of humor have made a tradition out of making or buying a costume for Fido to arrive at the table in. One year it might be full pilgrim garb, the next she might show up as a Native American. What could be more festive?

 A Thankful Thanksgiving Gift GuideKids Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving Craft Resources & More

Best Thanksgiving gifts

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite days of the year - right after Christmas and my birthday! Besides the delicious food and extra desserts, I loved making turkeys out of paper plates and pilgrim hats out of black construction paper when I was young. Now that I have children of my own I have a lot of fun finding craft projects for them to make as we're waiting for the turkey to cook. I'm not sure who has more fun with the projects - my kids, myself or my mom! We often find crafts from past years hanging around her house as we arrive to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This year while the men watch football and the women visit over coffee, give the kids a craft project. In this post, I've provided links to some of my favorite kids craft resources. There are so many great choices for Thanksgiving including pilgrim, turkey and tabletop crafts. I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine did!

Thanksgiving Printables

Creative Thanksgiving Gifts

  • DLTK Holidays
    Offers a wide range of printable items including bookmarks, games, jigsaw puzzles, books, recipe cards, and much more.
  • Printables 4 Kids
    Print coloring pages, word search and word scramble puzzles for the kids.
  • Thanksgiving Print Activities
    Lists resources for mazes, word puzzles, coloring pages and more.
  • ABC Teach
    Find Thanksgiving word puzzles, books, postcards and more.

General Thanksgiving Crafts

  • Free Kids Crafts
    Free Kids Crafts Find 4 pages of creative Thanksgiving crafts for kids like acorn napkin holders (shown in the photo), cereal turkeys, pilgrim hats, thankfulness wreaths and so much more!
  • Apples 4 The Teacher
    Find lots of craft projects for Thanksgiving including foam welcome signs, trees of thanks, turkey coasters, and more.
  • Better Homes & Gardens
    Offers a wide array of craft projects for kids including place mats, turkey crafts and flower pot place cards (shown in the photo), and decorations for Thanksgiving.
  • Dot Com Women
    Find Thanksgiving decorations, gifts, and tabletop items that the kids can make for Thanksgiving.

Decorative Thanksgiving Banner

Thanksgiving Tabletop Decorations

Best Thanksgiving gift idea

  • Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Table Crafts
    Instructions for 8 different table decoration crafts including pilgrim boats, feather napkin rings, tissue turkeys and more.
  • Artists Helping Children
    The widest selection of tabletop decor crafts that I found they have just about anything you could want to decorate the table.

Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Place Cards & Greeting Cards

  • Artists Helping Children
    Card and place card crafts for kids.
  • Craft Elf
    Instructions to create adorable pilgrim hat and Indian headdress place cards.
  • Turkey Place Cards
    Get the instructions for these gobblers.
  • LakeShore Learning
    Find instructions for creating the pine cone turkey place card holders shown in the photo.
 A Thankful Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

  • DLTK Turkey Crafts
    Find turkey themed crafts for kids ages 2, 4+
  • About.com Turkeys
    Offers a few fun turkey crafts for kids.
  • Artists Helping Children
    I LOVE this site because they have great photos of the turkey crafts and they have a huge selection of ideas. One of my favorite Thanksgiving craft sites!

Paper Turkeys

 A Thankful Thanksgiving Gift Guide

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Crafts

  • DLTK Pilgrims
    Instructions for plate crafts and doorknob hangers.
  • Artists Helping Children
    Links to tons of different pilgrim craft ideas. Find the instructions for creating the pilgrim and Indian cardboard tube craft shown in the photo.
  • Family Crafts
    Find instructions for about 15 different crafts including Pilgrim bonnets and hats.
  • Apples 4 The Teacher
    A paper Pilgrim hat craft project for kids.

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts


Thanksgiving Ideas - Crafts, Recipes & Decor

Unique Thanksgiving presents

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friend? Since Thanksgiving is such a family-oriented holiday, and you are most likely going to have plenty of people around to share it with, make it memorable! Need some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner? Ideas for how to decorate for Thanksgiving? Craft ideas? No problem!

Throw a Thanksgiving dinner unlike no other. However, don't break your back doing it! I've got some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas and tips listed below. Here are several Thanksgiving tips and ideas to help you plan a great holiday celebration with your friends and family.

Dinner Ideas - Don't Forget The Turkey!

Thanksgiving recipes

Oh Dear! No Turkey? It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a Turkey for most people! However, for those of you who don't like Turkey, who are vegetarians or someone looking for non-traditional ideas... we have them here!

Turkey Recipes

Looking for something that's traditional but something different this year? Try these Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipes. They are great!

  • Mom's Roast Turkey
    Step by step instructions for roasting a turkey including photos.
  • Thanksgiving Roast Stuffed Turkey Recipe
    Step-by-step instructions on how to roast a stuffed or un-stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving or any occasion.
  • Dry Brined Turkey Recipe
    Thanksgiving turkey recipe ideas including how to bag roast or dry brine a turkey, plus great holiday turkey recipes your guests will love!
  • Roasted Turkey Recipe
    How to roast a turkey, how to use a turkey cooking bag, and guidelines for roasting a your turkey!

Thanksgiving Decorations

What I remember most about decorations growing up is how warm and "homey" they made me feel.

Thanksgiving decoration

All those autumn colors of reds, golds, oranges and greens create a perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere. You can incorporate a lot of nature in your decorations. Scatter leaves and acorns on the tables, create centerpieces with branches and pussy-willows and don't forget pumpkins, gourds and multi-colored corn.

Check with your local florist for in-season flowers. Mums are always a great choice.

Of course you can go whimsical too and include turkeys and pilgrims!

Thanksgiving Day Decorating Ideas

Looking for some fun and easy ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving dinner celebration? Here you will find several ideas on how to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving - Made by You!

Just visit Google and search "Thanksgiving Crafts" for some very cute and crafty ideas. But make sure you have lots of time to browse, because there are so many fun ideas of things to make. From easy kid crafts to the advance crafter, you're sure to find something new to create.

Crafts are a unique way to create one-of-a-kind decorations to use year after year. Or if you have a variety of ages joining you for your big feast, set up a table with crafts so the young and young at heart have an activity to do once the meal is over.

Thanksgiving Day for Kids

Keep the kids happy and out from under your feet with these great activities for the kids!

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets from All About Gifts & Baskets
Thanksgiving Gift Baskets from All About Gifts & Baskets

Chances are that you will be celebrating with friends and family which means that one person will likely be taking on the majority of work by hosting the feast at their home. If you've been invited to some one's celebration, be sure to arrive with a little something to show the host or hostess how much you appreciate their efforts. After all, they've probably been stuck in the kitchen for hours.

Whether you bring a bottle of wine, some festive home-baked cookies, or a Thanksgiving gift basket, the recipient will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

Thanksgiving side dishes

Whether you have been asked to bring a Thanksgiving food gift to someone’s Thanksgiving celebration or you are interested in adding new flavors and textures to your own, there are endless delicious recipes out there to help you make a tasty contribution to dinner.  From variations on old favorites to completely new choices, you may just create the next family favorite.

You may just want a little change on your Thanksgiving table, but don’t want to disappoint the people who look forward to turkey and stuffing each year.  You can vary the recipes for your favorite dishes a little, making them even more scrumptious.  For example, when you make your mashed potatoes, substitute buttermilk for the regular milk for unbelievably creamy, smooth potatoes.  And if you want to make a healthier alternative, try vitamin-packed sweet potatoes.  These have a wonderful texture, a great color, and they are loaded with nutrients.  You can simply bake them and add butter, or you can prepare them as you would mashed potatoes, using cream instead of milk.

Thanksgiving is a great time to prepare hearty squashes and root vegetables.  To make a great glazed squash dish, cut acorn squash in half and take out the seeds.  Slice the squash into inch thick crescents.  Line two baking sheets with tin foil and apply a light layer of oil.  Season the acorn squash with salt and paper, sprinkling on dark brown sugar as well.  Roast these for about five minutes or until the sugar has melted.  Remove the squash from the oven and use tongs to flip them over.  Again, you season them with salt, pepper, and brown sugar and roast until the meat of the squash is tender.  This should take about 20 minutes, and you probably already have the oven going anyway!  You can also halve the squash and pour in a little pure maple syrup for a sweet taste.

Instead of opening a can of jiggly cranberry sauce, make your own using fresh cranberries.  In a saucepan, mix ¼ cup of fresh orange juice, a ¼ of 100 percent pure cranberry juice (not cocktail), and 1 cup of honey.  Bring this to a boil, reduce to medium, and then simmer for about five minutes.  Add washed cranberries and cook for 15 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  The cranberries will burst, causing the incredibly aromatic concoction to become thicker.  After this has happened, spoon the sauce into a mold or just a dish is perfectly fine.  Put it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.  This is a great dish to make the night before.  Homemade cranberry sauce is bursting with nutrients from the fresh berries and the honey.

Roasted root vegetables are a delicious, seasonal treat.  You will need sweet potatoes, cut into wedges, baby carrots, peeled and cubed parsnips, extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper. Preheat the oven to 425 and toss the root vegetables with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  As you roast them, give them an occasional stir.  It should take about 25 to 30 minutes until they are tender.

If you have children, roasted root vegetables and squash may be hard sells, to say nothing of your culinary masterpiece, gorgonzola and pear salad.  They may like candied carrots, green bean casserole, baked macaroni and cheese, or plain vegetables, like green beans or broccoli, with a bit of butter on them.  To get more healthy vegetables into them, gather carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, butter, and garlic salt.  Use a Julienne peeler to make slices of the vegetables.  These will look a bit like noodles.  Toss them in a pan with butter and flavor them with the garlic salt.  It’s a good way to get more color onto your table as well.

Thanksgiving is a time of tradition and family; if you need to make new traditions, side dishes offer a great way to do this.  Be creative, use fall vegetables, and think warm and filling.  Remember to save room for some Thanksgiving cookies or pumpkin pie afterwards though!

Thanksgiving Themed Oreo Cookies

Thanksgiving gift baskets

We've taken classic Oreo cookies and dipped them in milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate to create a one-of-a-kind treat for Thanksgiving.  A golden round box holds 16 of our chocolate dipped Oreos that are sprinkled with colorful autumn leaf confetti in oranges, yellows and reds. Then we add various hand-made royal icing decorations such as pilgrims, turkeys, and cobs of corn.  Each cookie is nestled in the round gift box to create our Thanksgiving Oreo Cookie Wheel.

We offer a wide range of Thanksgiving Gifts & Baskets that offer a perfect way to thank the host/hostess for entertaining you and your family during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our gifts start at just $15 so be sure to check them out!

Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Day gift baskets

Have you ever noticed how those lovely family holidays tend to make us crazy? We let stress carry away any joy we get from being with our loved ones, and if children are among your guests, you will find anxiety amplified. The good news, though, is that you can have a stress-free (or certainly less stress) Thanksgiving meal by taking a few easy steps before you even put the turkey in the oven.

Planning, planning, planning. Being prepared reduces anxiety levels enormously; it is when we are frazzled, harried, hurried, or torn in eight directions at once that stress overtakes us. To keep this from happening, sit down well in advance of Thanksgiving and plan your guest list and menu. If you tend to become easily stressed (and who doesn't around the holidays?), you may want to think about paring down your guest list.

If this isn't a possibility, it's time to delegate and plan your dishes accordingly. Instead of laboriously making portobello mushrooms stuffed with pine nuts and goat cheese, make a big pot of creamy garlic mashed potatoes. Guests will still love them, and you can make a large quantity easily. You don't have to write your menu from a gourmet, haute cuisine restaurant; simple favorites will do just fine. Better yet, have guests bring side dishes. You can be in charge of the turkey or ham, and your guests can bring the side dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Delegate; your local guests will be more than happy to bring food. And if you have to, buy a pumpkin pie instead of making one. It'll be fine.

Enlist family or a close friend to help you clean the day before your Thanksgiving feast. Children can pick up toys, straighten out rooms, and maybe even man the vacuum. This will leave you free to cook and perhaps even enjoy your guests on Thanksgiving. This is a great time to delegate as well: just because your great-grandmother single handedly cooked Thanksgiving differ for 25 people while making crafts and warming apple cider for everyone doesn't mean you have to. Get your spouse, children, and friends to help you prepare foods and get your house ready for guests. If they're eating with you, they can very well help out! And they will probably be very happy to do so. And if not, you can bribe them with pre-Thanksgiving treats.

Preparing the meal is not stressful when you're at home with the leisure to do it yourself. But when guests start arriving and your aunt starts looking over your shoulder and giving you tips about your gravy, this is when it starts to get a little too warm in the kitchen. To avoid some of this stress, give your aunt – and anyone else who is dishing out advice – jobs. People can peel, chop, grate, slice, or wash to help you out. Every chef needs prep cooks, so don't be afraid to delegate tasks.

If there are guests who you know will be more hindrance than help in the kitchen, create other jobs for them. Maybe someone can help the kids make crafts or read them books to keep them out of the kitchen. Maybe you can set up some board games or put on the game in the living room. Maybe you could send people out to gather leaves and acorns for a centerpiece or let them paint gourds. They'll feel helpful and they will not be underfoot. Let others know that they should relax, have a drink, read, watch television, or visit with other guests without feeling obligated to do anything. If all else fails, set a tray of holiday chocolates in another room and run for the kitchen.

If you have children at your gathering, give them a break. They pick up on the excited or stressed atmosphere and act accordingly. If they cannot sit through an entire adult meal, set a kids' table. Let them get up before the adults and go watch a movie or set up a game in the living room for them. Don't be too rigid about rules today – letting it slide will help alleviate a lot of stress, and life can go back to normal tomorrow.

Most of all, give yourself a break. Remind yourself that you are thankful for all of these people in your home and for the food which you are preparing. One step at a time; you will get there, people will eat, and Thanksgiving will be a success.

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