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Thanksgiving Ideas - Crafts, Recipes & Decor

Published November 19, 2014        by Matt

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friend? Since Thanksgiving is such a family oriented holiday, and you are most likely going to have plenty of people around to share it with, make it memorable! Need some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner? Ideas for how to decorate for Thanksgiving? Craft ideas? No problem!

Throw a Thanksgiving dinner unlike no other. However, don't break your back doing it! I've got some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas and tips listed below. Here are several Thanksgiving tips and ideas to help you plan a great holiday celebration with your friends and family.

Thanksgiving craft recipe and decor ideas
Original image by sackton on Flickr

Dinner Ideas - Don't Forget The Turkey!

Oh Dear! No Turkey? It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a Turkey for most people! However, for those of you who don't like Turkey, who are vegetarians or someone looking for non-traditional ideas... we have them here!

Turkey Recipes

Looking for something that's traditional but something different this year? Try these Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipes. They are great!

  • Mom's Roast Turkey
    Step by step instructions for roasting a turkey including photos.
  • Thanksgiving Roast Stuffed Turkey Recipe
    Step-by-step instructions on how to roast a stuffed or un-stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving or any occasion.
  • Dry Brined Turkey Recipe
    Thanksgiving turkey recipe ideas including how to bag roast or dry brine a turkey, plus great holiday turkey recipes your guests will love!
  • Roasted Turkey Recipe
    How to roast a turkey, how to use a turkey cooking bag, and guidelines for roasting a your turkey!

Thanksgiving Decorations

What I remember most about decorations growing up is how warm and "homey" they made me feel.

Thanksgiving craft recipe and decor ideas
Image by HomeSpot HQ on Flickr

All those autumn colors of reds, golds, oranges and greens create a perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere. You can incorporate a lot of nature in your decorations. Scatter leaves and acorns on the tables, create centerpieces with branches and pussy-willows and don't forget pumpkins, gourds and multi-colored corn.

Check with your local florist for in-season flowers. Mums are always a great choice.

Of course you can go whimsical too and include turkeys and pilgrims!

Thanksgiving Day Decorating Ideas

Looking for some fun and easy ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving dinner celebration? Here you will find several ideas on how to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving - Made by You!

Just visit Google and search "Thanksgiving Crafts" for some very cute and crafty ideas. But make sure you have lots of time to browse, because there are so many fun ideas of things to make. From easy kid crafts to the advance crafter, you're sure to find something new to create.

Crafts are a unique way to create one-of-a-kind decorations to use year after year. Or if you have a variety of ages joining you for your big feast, set up a table with crafts so the young and young at heart have an activity to do once the meal is over.

Thanksgiving Day for Kids

Keep the kids happy and out from under your feet with these great activities for the kids!

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets from All About Gifts & Baskets
Thanksgiving Gift Baskets from All About Gifts & Baskets

Chances are that you will be celebrating with friends and family which means that one person will likely be taking on the majority of work by hosting the feast at their home. If you've been invited to some one's celebration, be sure to arrive with a little something to show the host or hostess how much you appreciate their efforts. After all, they've probably been stuck in the kitchen for hours.

Whether you bring a bottle of wine, some festive home-baked cookies, or a Thanksgiving gift basket, the recipient will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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