The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever

The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever
The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever

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When you hear the words, "corporate gifts", do you think of pens, desk organizers, and mugs with your company logo? This is the extent of some corporate gift endeavors, and as a result, employees, clients, and associates have a collection of coffee mugs and calendars that they really don't need - especially because they get them year after year!

Whether you have to arrange gifts for holidays, birthdays, promotions, or congratulations, infuse some creativity and uniqueness into the process. Here are some ideas that can have your employees or associates saying, "This is the best corporate gift ever!"

The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever

The Gift of Choice.

Everyone loves to get what they want, and this year, you can be the one to give it to them. Instead of spending money on a gift of dubious use to the recipient, give them the ability to choose what they want.

One excellent and innovative way to do this is to find a service like XperienceDays. You can get a voucher in a certain amount which entitles the recipient to one of the "experiences" offered by the site. These can include anything from race car driving and hot air ballooning to horseback riding and dance lessons. Whether your recipient wants a soothing day at the spa or a death-defying skydiving lesson, you can make it happen.

The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever

The Gift of Money.

If your area does not have access to a service like XperienceDays, giving the gift of money is always a thoughtful gesture. Bonuses are one of the most popular corporate gifts; probably the most popular!

To give your gift a personal feel, have a corporate gift card custom-made for your business with the recipient's name on it. This gives them the freedom to use the money as they see fit and ensures that they don't have one more dust-collecting coffee cup to deal with.

The Gift of Personal Attention.

Giving everyone in your office or all of your clients a gift card is a very nice gesture and one that is sure to be appreciated. But it is sometimes a bit more elegant to offer a gift that reflects your interest in and knowledge of the recipient. If, for instance, you have an employee who is retiring, a gift card will be welcome. But so will a holiday gift basket that shows how much he has meant to the company.

Coffee Gift Basket

Say he loves trying new and exotic treats. Why not go all out and find the most unusual goodies? Ginger and wasabi chocolate bars, basil absinthe truffles, Kopi Luwak coffee, bacon caramel toffee, chocolate covered ants, and other interesting choices will be a fun way to say thank you and enjoy your tasty retirement.

The Gift of Gourmet Treats.

Gourmet treats, sans insects or undigested berries, is also a wonderful gift. This is great for clients, employees, and associates that you do not know as well - yet or for whom you want to make a special, high quality presentation.

Include gourmet coffee gifts or even cocoas, gourmet popcorns and pretzels, hand dipped truffles, smoked cheeses, fine wines or even chocolate corporate gifts. Include locally made or produced items as well.

The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever

The Gift of Practicality.

Sometimes practicality is called for when you are purchasing corporate holiday gifts. This may be the case when you are giving a small gift to say thank you or good work on that project. An example of a practical gift may be a zip drive. These are useful - and when you choose a great design, they are fun and personal as well. They come in any number of shapes - from butterflies to hamburgers - and you can choose the best design to suit the recipient.

Another idea that will appeal to the practical is a gift card and a matching donation to a favorite charity. This is the gift that helps others, which can make both giver and recipient feel good. Get into the gift-giving spirit. The "best" gifts can fall flat if you forget about your recipients' needs and interests. When you acknowledge there is an actual person behind the corporate gift, you will have much more success.

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The 5 Best Corporate Gifts Ever
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