The Best 12 Get Well Gifts for Kids

Get well gift guide for kids

Get well gift guide for kids

Gift ideas for kids who are sick or have a long-term illness should be used to help kids feel good when they are struggling with their recovery. These kids could be given a number of things that will help them have the best possible recovery, and you could give them little things that bring a smile to their face. All the ideas listed below will help someone have a better day, and the gesture will mean just as much to the parents as it does to the child. Below we have 12 ideas for the perfect gift for a child in the hospital.

1. Printables

Get well gifts for children

You can make any printable gift or certificate that you like. This could be some kind of coloring sheet, crossword puzzle, game, or even an encouraging quote to decorate their hospital room. They like to see something that was printed up just for them, and they will get excited knowing that you went to all that trouble for them.

2. Candy Baskets

Get well gift ideas for children

Candy baskets are fun because kids love them. You can give them some candy that you know they like, or you could give kids candy that you love. You might even give kids the candy that you like with a little note explaining why you like that kind of candy. You also need to consider if you can get them a basket that will have special candy that you ordered for these kids.

3. Stuffed Animals

get well toys for children

Everyone loves a stuffed animal, and you can pick a regular stuffed animal for the kids if you want them to have a teddy bear to hold onto. However, there are also stores where you can make the stuffed animal for the kids so that they are very special and even have recorded sounds that the kids hear when they squeeze them.

4. Coloring Books

gifts for children in hospital

Coloring books for kids are cool because they have every popular form of media in a coloring book. You can get a lovely coloring book for a kid that loves Disney movies or loves a certain cartoon. Someone who has chosen a coloring book should also give the kid some crayons or colored pencils so that they can fill in the book whenever they want.

5. Picture Collage

thoughtful get well gifts for kids

Making a picture collage for the kids is a really nice thing to do because it will help the kid remember some happy times before they got sick. Include photos of their friends and family members, and be sure to include their pets if they have them. These kids can hold onto these collages, and they will look on these things and remember what it was like when everyone was together and happy.

6. Books

Get well gift baskets for kids

Kids who love to read should get the next book in a series that they love. There are some kids who will want to read a specific book, or you could just buy the kid a series of books that they will love. Their family members can take time to read to them, or they can take quiet time for themselves.

Ask the kids if they have specific authors they love because some of those authors have more than one series that they have written. You could even see if that author will send a signed copy for a kid who is sick.

7. Scrapbooking Supplies

Creative get well gifts for children

Scrapbooking supplies help kids be as creative as they want to be at any time. You could give them a whole crate of supplies that they can use to make something special. Use supplies personalized to their interests—like using girl scout scrapbooking supplies for a girl scout in the hospital—to bring a smile to their face. This is especially important for kids who have chronic illnesses or are stuck in the hospital.

8. Gift Baskets for Kids

Game gift basket for kids

Gift baskets for kids could include anything that will make a child smile. The get well gifts for kids could all be combined in one place when you want them to be happy. Hospital gift baskets could include candies, a plush cookie, movies, and huge homemade sugar cookie from their grandma. You could even use a theme, like an angel gift basket or games gift basket. They will be easy to deliver to a children's hospital wards because they are used to receiving big gifts like this.

9. Cookie Bouquets

Get well cookie gift basket

Cookies are fun for everyone, and kids get excited at the idea of a cookie bouquet because they can pick any cookie they want, share with the people around them, and start enjoying their stay in the hospital or at home. They want to try a new cookie that will give them a burst of energy and happiness.

10. Paper Plane Supplies

Fun get well gifts for children

Kids like to make paper planes, but there is something very special about a paper plane passing through the halls of a children's hospital. The people who work in these hospitals are going to be excited to see the paper planes fly around, and these kits help the kids make something that will fly a very long way. You might even get the recipient excited about science because they are making a specialized plane.

11. Chocolate Bash Cake

Get well cakes for kids

The chocolate bash cake is fun because the kid gets to smash it to pieces to get the gifts that are on the inside. Someone who has been sick for a long time would feel better knowing that they can have some cake and at least get the satisfaction of busting up this cake. Be sure that you have chosen something like this for the kid that loves chocolate. You can put any gift in it you want, and it can be decorated with anything that you want. You get the best of both worlds when sending a cake like this.

12. Silly Hat, Slippers, or Blanket for Hospital

Hospital gifts for children

Get well gifts for kids should also include robes, hats, slippers, and blankets. The children's hospital can only offer so much for the kids because they are going to get cold or need some comfort. They need slippers if they want to walk around, and you can give them a whole set that is very easy for them to use when they are in the hospital for days or weeks at a time.

Thing Not to Get

1. Fresh Flowers

Get well hospital gifts for kids

Kids do not really enjoy the significance of flowers like adults. Plus, flowers will start to smell when they have been left in the room for long periods of time. Someone who is trying to make kids feel better might assume flowers will work, but that is not the case. They like candy and gifts more!

2. Jigsaw Puzzle

Best get well gifts for kids

Jigsaw puzzles are not fun for kids because they have no chance to lay them out or take them with you. You have to be sure that you have given the kids something that they can use in the hospital.

3. Candles

Gift ideas for kids in hospital

Candles are not allowed in the hospital, and a lot of kids will not really enjoy lighting a candle to calm down at the end of the day.

There are many gifts ideas that you can use to make kids happy. You need to be certain that you have chosen candy and other things that are fun for kids, and you also need to remember that you have a chance to make a kid's life just a little bit better if you give them the gift that they want. You might even ask their parents for advice when you are trying to help.

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