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The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Published October 05, 2015        by Matt

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Make Kids Happy

It may have been a while since you yourself have gone trick-or-treating. If this is the case, you may be out of the loop when it comes to the types of candy that kids love to receive now days. So in case you're lost on what to stock up on this year, read these ideas and maybe you might have some new friends in your neighborhood this year.


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Hungry? Why wait.

Snickers is one of the most popular pieces of Halloween treats every year. Right next to the Tootsie Roll, naturally. Then of course for Snickers there are the mini-bites and the bite-size. You can go with the regular size, but usually it's a bit overwhelming when you can't exactly just grab a handful of large candy bars.

Image courtesy of Leonid Mamchenkov on Flickr

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Taste the Goodness

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are some of the most delicious Halloween candy to find in your stash, at least they're the big hit at our house! These involve peanut butter covered in chocolate and are so very addicting.

Kids love eating them almost as much as adults do, so of course if you end up with a few extra - trust me, it won't be a bad thing.

Image courtesy of mary_thompson on Creative Commons

Worst Halloween Candy

Blow Pops

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Or Tootsie Pops

Suckers are great for any age group, and naturally these candies last the longest so they are typically savored. Not to mention, Blow Pops have the gum inside so it's like two treats in one package.

Another great thing about giving out suckers is that they can't melt like gourmet chocolate can, so parents might be more thankful when they find that a sucker got stuck in their car seat, next summer.

Image by iandeth on Flickr

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Air Heads or Laffy Taffy

That'll Keep 'em Quiet

Some of the candy that kids really love are ones that parents also love: chewy ones. Laffy Taffy and Air Heads typically take kids a while to eat, and because of this, it keeps them quiet and busy for a few extra minutes.

Not to mention that these things taste like sugar heaven and naturally kids love that kind of stuff.

Photo by oskay on Flickr

Jaw Breakers

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Don't Take It Literally

Jaw Breakers are excellent candies that are tasty and very easy. A few in each bag and you are set per trick-or-treater. The best part about Jaw Breakers is that they take the longest time to eat, so you can get by with just giving each kid a few.

Image by pgh_shutter on Creative Commons

Were the kids extra-rowdy this year? Opt for the atomic fireballs, they taste like red hots and make for a nice surprise.

Popular Choices


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Melts in Your Mouth

These delicious Halloween treats are so good to make it look like you're giving out a lot of candy at your front door. The tasty bites make for addicting little snacks, but since they get a whole bag of them, it's a nice gesture.

It might be good to just go with plain M&M's because you never know who has peanut allergies and you don't want to be responsible for an allergic reaction.

Photo courtesy of Cameron Cassan on Flickr

Just Remember

You don't have to pick just one candy. Mix in a variety of candy and give each child a handful. Oh, and don't give them the option to choose because it will take all night.

Hershey Bars

The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

Big or Small, They Like 'em All

Hershey bars are one of the best candies to throw in Halloween gift baskets, and most simple Halloween candy to give. They make them in so many different sizes, that you can really tailor it to your budget and what you're willing to give away. When I was young, and we didn't have many neighbors, my elderly neighbor would give us the jumbo-Hershey bars. We thought it was awesome - and it lasted forever!

Of course, there are tiny mini ones too, if you've got a crowd to keep.

Image by slgckgc on Flickr


The Best Halloween Candy to Give Out

The Next in Line Contenders

I can't end this post leaving you thinking that these are the only popular candies that children like to get while trick-or-treating. So of course, I had to provide you with a list of runner-ups that kids also love to receive. Of course, every child is different, so there is a wide variety of candy that you can pick and still have success!

Some of these other favorite contenders include: Milky Way, Dots, Fun Dip, Gum, 3 Muskateers, and Jaw Breakers.

Image by Timothy Tolle on Flickr

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