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The Function of Mother

Published October 30, 2007        by Nicole

mom meThe function of the mother remains almost the same under the various cultural patterns. If the natural closeness between mother and child is disturbed, the individual mother is responsible and not an external cultural or economic condition. For, normally, the mother is the first person concerned with and occupied with a newborn child: she nurtures it carefully and spends the first few weeks close to the child, gratifying his imperative needs. Whatever the child does is of utmost importance to her. This little baby gift came straight from the Lord and is so precious!

Their early training, through play (dolls, house) and indoctrination, provides women in general with an attitude, the so-called maternal instinct, which stimulates women to assume, wherever possible, a motherly role. If she fully utilizes her natural opportunities and is not in opposition to her feminine role, the mother should always find it easy to establish an intimate contact with the child. Every child has a tendency to lean a little more toward the mother as long as the mother does not disturb this natural development. Even if the mother has only limited time for the child, she can maintain this relationship. It is far less the amount of time which counts than how constructively it is used. Nothing can interfere with her influence if she is capable of being a good friend to her child, if she is willing to understand him, if she stands at his side as a staunch and loyal comrade. A child has a high regard for his mother if she has shown her ability to love him through all circumstances and despite all disappointments.