The Most Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Your Employees

meaningful holiday gifts for employees

Each of the 10 meaningful Christmas gifts for employees we've listed below sends a message of appreciation for their hard work. You need to be sure that you have taken the time to come up with a plan that gifts everyone in your office or company something they will cherish and value. 

The people that work with you because they all have different needs and desires. You could give gift packages to the people in your office that give them what you know they want, or you could give a basket that has a set of things everyone in the office could use. You can combine these ideas, or you might use all these gift ideas as you think about what to give each person in the office. 

Show your appreciation for their hard work by giving each employee a great gift at the company Christmas party or holiday party. Read on for our best Christmas gift ideas for your employees.


1. Company-Themed Gifts 

best employee holiday gifts

Company-themed gifts are fun to give away because they could be something your staff all need, or it could be a fun package of gifts that you give an employee.

You might give your employees a set of company sweaters for all the members of their family, or you could give out tote bags for traveling this season that are filled with other gifts. You could give spirit wear for the company to everyone in the office, or you might add a gag gift like a company-themed ice scraper for their car that is hidden inside their gift basket or tote bag.

You want to have fun when giving these gifts away, and you must have a bit of fun while also giving your staff gifts they need. 


2. Family Gifts 

holiday gift for employees family

Family gifts could be tickets to a local attraction, tickets for a festival that is coming up during the year, or even the travel tickets that your staff needs to get home for the holidays. You might also give gift baskets that include something for everyone in the family to show your appreciation.

You need to get to know the people on your staff well enough that you know what to put in the basket including what their children and partner might enjoy. This could include toys for the kids, a bottle of wine for the couple, or a spa gift certificate for the ladies.

Family gifts remind your staff that you value their sacrifice for the company. 


3. Airline Tickets

airline tickets holiday gift

Airline tickets are useful because you can give them to anyone so that they can get away in the upcoming year. However, you might also want to see if you can find a special vacation package that would be appropriate for certain people.

You might have someone on your staff who always talks about going to Jamaica, and you could get that vacation package for them. This might also include giving them blank airline tickets that they can use to go anywhere domestically or internationally. 

Airline tickets could be given through an airline that goes to specific places you know your staff members want to go, or you could choose a travel website that will give them a discount on the airfare that they will need for the trip you have given them. 


4. A Gift For The Kids 

holiday gift for employees' kids

You can give the staff great gifts that you know their kids will love specifically because you have already heard what their kids want for Christmas this year.

You might step in to give one of your employees the game system that they need, or you could give the family gifts and movies that will help with their family nights. You could get a gift certificate for a doll or stuffed animal location that the kids will like, or you might give the family a game night basket that has a board game, movie, and some snacks for a special night they can repeat over and over. You might even include a movie rental subscription that lets them choose something fun to watch every night. 


5. Wine 

Wine Christmas Gift for Employees

Wine in and of itself is a wonderful gift especially when you have a large staff that loves to meet for drinks after work. However, you want the wine gift to be special. This means that you need to give wine as a gift in a way that will strike a chord with your staff.

You could give wine from regions where you had very high sales that year, or you might give wine from a local vineyard. You might even go so far as to give a gift certificate and a basket from a location that is close to the office. You could talk to the staff about taking a day off to go to the vineyard, or you could give a gift certificate inside a wine gift basket so they can take a trip up to the vineyard with their family. 

Wine could be a much more exciting game because it can be paired with the wine glasses that you chose for just that person. Consider including some snacks that pair well with the wines you give or wine accessories like a wine opener.


6. Personalized Gifts 

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Employees

Personalized gifts are interesting because they allow you to tailor the gift to the person. You could give an employee who loves golf some golf lessons, or you could give an employee who wants to try skydiving a certificate for a local company that provides this service. You might give the people on the staff something that allows them to go to dinner at a restaurant they love, or they could be given personalized mugs or bar glasses.

You must think of each person and put their name on the gift so that it is something they can hold onto for a lifetime. Personalized gifts do not need to be given by you specifically because you send your staff members to places that will make their memories better.

You might send them to a restaurant that will give them personalized menus and a wonderful night out with their spouse. You could send them to a theme park that will personalize their experience, or you could give gifts to the staff that will send them to a store that will tailor an item of clothing for them. 


7. Get a Gift Engraved 

best engraved christmas gifts employees

You could give an engraved to the people on your staff that is great for the office. You could give them a pen holder with their name on it, or you could get engraved nameplates for their desks. You might give out engraved keychains, or you could office engraved mugs or glasses for the office.

You might prefer to offer engraved name tags for the staff that are professional and make them feel proud to come to work. You might also give personalized tags for their luggage that they will need when they go out of town this year. 


8. Leave a Personal Message Saying Thank You 

video message employee gift

You might want to make personal messages for the people on the team so that they know how much you appreciate what they do. This does not mean that you will be leaving a message for the company at-large. You must make a message for each person in the office because that will speak volumes to them.

You could leave them a card that you have written out by hand, or you could make a video message that will speak to them. You also have to be sure that you have taken a look at the ways that you can make these video messages. Put it on a flash drive so that they can use that flash drive throughout the year and keep this one special message on there. You could send audio files that you can leave on their computers, or you could leave pictures with the staff that has audio embedded in them.

This means that you can leave them with that special message on their desk, and that is a very important part of how to keep them motivated because they always have that message on their desk staring back at them. 


9. A Group Outing 

holiday gift employee group outing

The group outing that you have planned for the team should be something that is extremely fun and shows your gratitude in a tangible way. You might have wanted to take everyone out for the day, and this is the time to do it. Find local attraction that will be fun for everyone which could include an amusement park, a local vineyard, or a local sporting event. You must plan this as an excursion that everyone will take, or you could take over a local pub for the night. This might be a chance for you to take the group to a brewery for a day of fun, or you could go on a tour of your local city that would allow everyone to feel like they are on vacation. 


10. The Gift Of Food 

best food employee holiday gifts

The gift of food is much more powerful when showing gratitude than you think because you can give the gift of food in many ways. You might give food in ways that people would not have imagined by sending them a steak subscription, or you could sign them up for a service that sends them food items they can prepare easily at home.

You might create a gift basket for the staff that has the foods they like inside, and you might even give them special items that allow them to make food at home. You could give them knife blocks with a new set of knives, or you could give them a brand new cutting board.

There are special cheese of the month and coffee of the month clubs, and there are restaurants in town that your staff might like to visit. You could even give someone a food tour gift certificate so that they can take the day and go try out foods from around your region. This means that you can give people the gift of adventure, or they can make better food at home for themselves and their family. 


The best part of giving gifts at this time of year is that you can give everyone in the office something special. You can show the team your gratitude and appreciate the work that they have done. You might have a hard time showing your soft side during the year, and this is the time to let everyone know how you feel with one of these gift ideas. You can make everyone feel good about having worked with you throughout the year, and they will walk away with a gift that they could not have gotten anywhere else.

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